Thursday, 8 May 2008

.I don't need a cut, I just need a colour.

I would have to be one of the most clueless people around when it comes to hair. I would love tot be able to do cool, funky things with my hair, but quite frankly, I find the simple task of even using a hairdryer a challenge. In fact, I didn't even own a hairdryer until a couple of years ago when Mum bought me one for christmas, and then it took me about 6 months to actually gain the confidence to get it out of the box and use it!

So my issue today is that I have bogan regrowth at the moment and desperately need to go to the hairdressers to get a colour, but I don't really want to spend $100 at the moment to make the visit. I am contemplating doing a home job myself...but want to ask a bit of advice first before I go ahead and totally wreck it altogether! (And believe me, I have been known to totally wreck it before, I dyed my friend Kellie Hadley's hair once a few years ago and it was the most terrible thing I have ever done in my life. She had to go to the hairdressers the next day to get it fixed. I'm surprised that she is still my friend!)

Is anyone out there more of a hair expert than I I go ahead and colour it myself and if so, what dye do I use and how do I do it and what colour should I go?

Or do I not risk it and fork out the money to go to the hairdressers?

Or do I just stick with the regrowth and get over it altogether??


Marnie said...

I have found the CLAIROL 'Nice n Easy' brand the best by far. But i am certainly no expert when it comes to dying ones own hair. The last time I did it (becuase I tried other brands, bot 'Nice n Easy') I had to dye it 4 times before it was semi ok. First time it went canary yellow, then it went bright green, then it went grey/green...and ended up costing me just as much as if Id gone to the hairdresser. BUT- if you get it right the first time, I reckon doing it at home is great! And It would be much easier for you to do it at home and get the right colour than me, cause I have natural orange/ red, and lots of dyes go green on me. HAha- remember back in the day, when I dyed it yellow and left it on too long and it all broke off close to my scalp and I had a mohawk for months! hahaha(I can laugh now!)...So good luck with it, oh, the other thing, I like the clairol nice n easy casue it comes with a tube of intensive sonditioner that lasts 6 weeks and leaves your hair so silky smooth when u use, CLAIROL should DEFINATELY be paying me for this comment!!!!!!
And by the way- I think a bit of bogan regrowth looks good!!!

Fiona said...

Hi Toni,
Just happened to drop by your blog today and am glad to give you some advise. I am actually a hairdresser and my advise to you is to fork outthe cash. If you had dbrown hair and was just doing like a semi to add some colour I would say go ahead, but lightening is a whole different ball game and can lead to a few disasters. So of which Marnie mentioned. I know it seems like a lot of money but think it is worth it. Anyway good luck with what you

Carli said...

If you are doing foils then go to the hairdresser. If you want an all over colour you can blonde it yourself like I used to do in Denmark - but then you have to do it every 6 weeks without fail which is annoying whereas foils you can get away with it for longer.

Nikki Schreiner said...

HI! I'm with Fiona, cough up the cash. I've done things both ways and was NEVER truly happy with the home jobs, no matter which brand. Plus, home jobs always made my hair super dry, so dry that I could hardly get a comb through it for days. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I'm now a year "dye free" after having blonde highlights and naturally dark blonde hair for years. Growing it out is worth it! No maintenance, no extra costs, and I bet your natural colour is gorgeous.

Maybe consider some lowlights instead of highlights to blend your roots in with the blonde for a gradual change to darker again. Of course, having almost ruined my hair from home dye kits, I'll never do anything but have it done by a professional ever again.

Good luck, it's worth all the aggravation in the end.

The Kings said...

I think your regrowth colour is actually nice Tone! Maybe try growing it out, but if you are like me then it will drive you insane after a while and you will just give in and go and get it coloured again:) I am 'lucky' that my hair is dark as I can get away with a home job and it looks okay.

Fiona said...

Yes if you were going to go darker it is a bit safer. Just remember if your hair is two differnet colours in the beginning it will end up that way to. i would put a straight brown on first then dry it and maybe pu one with a bit of colour Good Luck .... xx

Simone Triffitt said...

Hmm as a fellow blondie, it is so tricky with us. In summer we can look too light and dried out like some has been beach babe and then in winter the blonde can darken to dull and lifeless and brassy. I would fork out the dough as whenever you go to your hairdreser I think your hair always looks awesome and I don't know what home product would give that right blend you always seem to get with your hair.

Chelsea Parsons said...

he he, I was gunna say the same thing as Lisa... maybe its the photo but I think it looks good!!!! It sucks that it costs so much money hey! My sister always says permanents really dry your hair out so once a yr I do a Goldwell semi permanent. It seems to be the best.

Sals said...

I agree with can get away with not doing it for longer if you have foils...(by the hairdresser)...the regrowth on a home job will be much more noticable...but if you're only planning on doing it now and then in a month going to the hairdressers for foils it would probably work...just DO NOT put a brown over the will go a 'nice' shade of GREEN!!! It has to be a red based colour so it won't have the green effect!! :) Have I scared you now???

Anonymous said...

I just went thru the same dilema but couldn't decide for 5 months what to do. SERIOUS regrowth! In the end I was thinking if I got a pixie cut all the blond would be gone and I could start fresh again.
OPTION 1: Get a streaking cap, a corchet hook and get a friend (maybe not the girl who's hair your ruined :-) to give you streaks concentrating on your part. It's more subtle when it comes to regrowth and much easier for a first timer at home to do. Jarron could even help you?
Even better though is making good friends with a hairdresser then they can do you at home for about half the price!

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