Wednesday, 28 May 2008

.I'm not lost...

Aargh! Having internet connection issues...turns out my internet server reckons I haven't paid my bill since February and have barred my internet connection! I know that I pay every fortnight though and we worked out that I have been paying into the wrong account for three months! (We can still blame this on baby least until baby turns one!) So the moneys are being transferred and as soon as everything is cleared (3 or so days) I will be back online.

Such a pain. But is has been good to have some non-internet time at home and catch up on some things with the house and kids.

So until you hear from me next time...I am still alive!


Marnie said...

Oh Im glad- i was starting to worry! You never miss a recipe monday, even if it means posting at 11:57pm...(I made the potato bites the other day and saw you just scraped in with that one!)...glad you are ok, sometimes it is nice to have non internet time, I know I get a heck of a lot more done when there isnt the temptation to jump on the net.

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