Friday, 2 May 2008

.small girl makes big boy cry.

He loves making puzzles.She loves breaking puzzles.He rolls her away.
She laughs.
He cries.

Who would have thought?!


Anna Cullis said...

I was laughing so hard as I read this post. You make it sound so cute, when really I should have sympathy for Oscar!

The Kings said...

Poor Oscar! This is how it was for Jay when Harri was born. He was so used to having everything to himself and no one touching anything, then all of a sudden it is chaos! Now Harri will have to get used to it too :)

MattP said...

Great post Toni, your pixies are growing up so fast and so gorgeous.

Marnie said...

haha- love the look on Oscars face in the last pic!

Tayla Joyce said...

Ha ha this is so cute.
I guess its like any kids. :)

Carli said...

Oscar will start tying her hands and feet up soon so she can't get to his stuff.

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