Tuesday, 17 June 2008

.Taking a button hole break.

So, this afternoon I have been sewing. Its all going smoothly, but now its button hole time. And button hole making requires a clear head, so I'm putting it down and blogging for a bit 'cause I want nice button holes. You know, the good thing about button holes is the button hides them. But I still want nice button holes.

I've been thinking a bit about nicknames lately, well today while I was sewing anyway, I always seem to have random thoughts when I am sewing. They're important, nicknames, the nice ones anyway!

My Pop called me "Midget" when I was small. He called me Midget because I was little.

My Dad called me "Bob" for a long time because my hair was cut in a bob-style.

When I was a bit older, maybe around 9 or 10, I was christened with "Queenie. Dad was a flower farmer when we were growing up and we spent our days working in the flowers - planting, weeding, picking, watering, bunching, packing. All of the neighbourhood kids and teenagers would also spend their weekends and school holidays a working in the flowers. At the time we thought we had the worst jobs around, but looking back I can see that we learned the value of hard work and also formed relationships with family members and friends we worked with. One day we were sorting out bulbs and me, being the bossy bosses daughter, decided that I would take charge and start telling the older boys to quit mucking around and get to work - resulting in the nickname Queenie! That nickname has stuck, and I am still called it from time to time by friends and family of my era.

I was called "Marsha," after Marsha from the Brady Bunch by my brothers and sisters. I don't really know why.

We called Oscar, Smidge while I was pregnant with him and that stuck for about a year after he was born. He was just a little "Smidge" on the ultrasound picture.

Lil is "Willsy" because thats what Oscar calls her.

So if you don't have anything to blog about at the moment, how about a post about your nicknames? I would love to hear them!

Look at Miss Lil today, standing all by herself! Not the best shot of her, the light is terrible today, all overcast outside and our house isn't the lightest of houses anyway, hence the out of focus photo. Her head also looks very large in comparison with her body...I don't think she looks like that in real life. Not that I have noticed before anyway, she is a chubba though. I better go check :)
And one last thing...how awesome is this artist? He takes a piece of your child's artwork and turns it into a photograph! I LOVE it!Alright, off to bath the kids and then I think I'm safe to tackle the button holes!


Carli said...

That artist just happens to be Korean and all things Korean are making me smile.
So does Lil's very big head and squat legs - and remember Tonia Todman is another name of yours as well as the Gables Girls.

The Kings said...

The good old flower days! Those are good memories. My nickname is still 'Marge' from my brothers as I got a perm back in the early 1990s and they thought it looked like Marge Simpson's hair!

The Parsons Family said...

ohh look at her standing!!! Is she actually walking??? She looks too small! Ohh they grow up so quick! Looking forward to getting the sewing in the mail!!!! Get sewing Tone!

Hannah Challis said...

You are so lucky to have been sewing all afternoon. I'm always amazed at how much time you seem to have - well as it appears!!! You must have good day time sleepers!

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