Saturday, 19 July 2008


A quiet week in our house this week. It seems everyone has been struck with some kind of winter ailment of late, Oscar and Lil are both a little under the weather. Poor Lil woke up with a husky sounding voice today so I'm assuming she has a sore throat (its so much easier when they can speak and tell you how they are feeling!)

I've been busy with lots of pattern marketing this week. Making heaps of follow-up phone calls and trying to introduce the patterns into some more retail stores. A few more have been added to the list to the right. I have also been working on finishing up a new pattern which is going to be published in Handmade magazine - Volume 26, no 5 (on sale December 19 2008). This one is really cute, a breeze to put together and perfect just in time for summer...but I'm not telling what it'll just have to wait until December to find out! Here's a little sneak for you...
I am feeling bad because I have been such a slack photo-taker lately. I took thousands of photos when Oscar was little and have hardly as many of Lil. I even have a new camera this time around which should be incentive to snap away, but its just not happening. Maybe I'll have to join Sarah on her photography quest to get the ball rolling again!


Carli said...

I like those colours. Yep, do Sarah's challenge!! AND are you feeling better now?? Hope so!

Sarah said...

I'm so excited to see your name in print soon! Can't wait to buy the magazine. And come and join me for the photography challenge, I'd love the company! I'm using my camera so much more and in different ways already, its great.

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