Wednesday, 23 July 2008

.with love, from New Zealand.

Jaron has this Nana, I have never met her but we do correspond via mail and email ever so often. She has this amazing ability to knit up the most adorable little cardis and jumpers for my children. We have been the joyous recipients of many a hand-knitted treasure since Oscar was born.

Arriving in the mail all the way from New Zealand this week was a special early birthday package for Lil...this sweet little cardi being part of her gift. Isn't is the cutest? I love it! It also came with a matching beanie, but I forgot to take photos of that (we are still mastering the art of keeping hats on!!)

No sooner had Lil and I headed outside to take some photos did Oscar join us with his camera to snap away! He took some good ones :)


Jackie said...

The cardi looks soooo beautiful Toni..
Just want to let you know that I made the pinni dress for Charna and Mymona and when I finish putting the button holes in I will take a photo of the dresses..I think they look so cute and thanks..i made it in some real cute material..and the colors are pink..(polka dots,stripes and cupcakes)

Carli said...

A really pretty top from the land of wool to Lil

The Docking Family said...

What a gorgeous little cardi. It looks so warm!

Sarah said...

That's a beautiful cardigan, so sweet! I love Oscar's camera too, does it take actual photos? I've been on the lookout for a camera for Hyrum so he stops sneaking off with mine!

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