Sunday, 3 August 2008

.today she is 1.

1 whole year! I can't believe it. I thought Oscar's first year flew by, but it really feels like she has only been her for a few months. What a precious little girls she is to have around. She is so easy going and fun-loving. Laughs at anything and spends the whole day pottering around entertaining herself. She has been a tremendous sleeper and quick feeder, I would almost say she has been the perfect baby but I don't want to jinx myself for next time!She just loooves Oscar and when he is around, she is happy. They are starting to play more together now, which is very cute. Oscar loves to give her three kisses on her cheek while he holds her head still with his hands. Lil doesn't mind.Her favourite toys to play with are cars and she brooms them around on the floor, scooting behind them on her hands and knees. Her walking is so good now, this week she has started to run away from us when we chase her and looks so cute flapping her little arms about whilst squealing with delight!For me, having a daughter has opened my eyes to a new world of crafting and sewing. It is such a pleasure to make the clothes she wears and I hope that it is many, many years before she decides that it isn't cool anymore!I could go on all day about all of the things we love about Lil, she is just the sweetest thing in our lives right now and I can't imagine how dull and incomplete we would be without her.


(Cool photo fun from here.)


The Kings said...

I can't believe she is 1 already!! I hope this next year goes as fast with Kobe. We love him and things are settling down, but I just can't wait to get past that little baby stage. I like it much better when they are happy to entertain themselves a bit more and not have to be held all day long. Happy Birthday Lil!!!

Carli said...

Happy Birthday to Lil! She is a famous woman all over the world!

Marnie said...

Happy Birthday Lil- what a precious blessing she is to your family!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Lil! This first year has flown by. I love the photos, so cute.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday sweety girl!

She looks just delightful Toni :-)

Emily dee said...

Happy birthday bubba lils!! I miss our cuddles and cutie grins!!
Love u xoxoxo

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