Friday, 12 September 2008

.back to business.

Loads of things happening on the Make It Perfect scene at the moment...

Firstly, Chels has been up to her usual tricks again and helped me update the Discovery Bag pattern cover - looks a million times better, thanks Chelsea! (And of course the cutest model around, Hattie!)
I am yet to update the website with the new cover and also have lots of extra gallery images to upload as well as updating my stockist list (so if you are stocking my patterns and your store hasn't been added yet, bear with me...will hopefully have it done by the end of the weekend!)

Monday was photo day for us, Chelsea and the girls came out for a play and we (well, she) took photos for some new patterns. FOUR new patterns to be exact! As always, she did an amazing job and it is a huge relief to have them out of the way. I'm busily writing up the patterns now and should have everything ready to go in a few weeks. Not telling you what they are yet - but I'm excited to be introducing some "boy-friendly" designs! I have had lots of people ask me for clothing patterns for little boys as they are generally pretty hard to come by in the independent pattern industry. They will be sure to have your little man looking very spunky this summer!

Other news I don't think I have shared yet on the blog...we are taking Make It Perfect to the Australian Quilt Market (a trade fair) in Melbourne this November! Very exciting stuff for us and lots of work to be done still, but its all coming together. The Quilt Market is basically a big fair for retail stores to shop and purchase products to then go ahead and sell in their stores (so it is not open to the general public.) I am very much looking forward to it, will be fun to meet some of the people who are currently stocking our patterns and get my name out there. The one and only Amy Butler is going to be in attendance also, so hopefully will be able to meet her and her awesomeness! So, the plan is to release the four new patterns at the Market, but it is likely that I won't be able to contain myself until then and may just share a few with you in the coming weeks.

Other unrelated news for us is we are busily packing up the house at the moment getting ready to move in a week. I am very proud of myself and my total ruthlessness as I sort and chuck stuff that I know I will probably never use. I already have managed to fill 5 big garbage bags with rubbish and 4 big boxes of stuff to take to the tip shop. We were considering having a garage sale, but as time draws near I just can't be bothered and would rather get rid of everything and be done with it. Its not going to be a stressful move - just a few blocks away...closer to the beach - only a 1 minute walk!

And one last thing to finish off. Jaron lost his wedding band a few years ago swimming in the river, each wedding anniversary has come and gone ever since with us saying that we will get him a new one but there is always something else more important to buy at the time. I have been hunting around Etsy today and have found a whole world of beautiful, unique, handmade jewellery. Especially all of the hand stamped stuff - makes me want to learn how to do it, surely it couldn't be that hard - anyone tried it before?? Some of my favourites...
Out on a limb by The Vintage Pearl
Posey Ring by Kathryn Riechert Jewelry
Sisters by The Vintage Pearl
Organic Wide Hammered Band by Studio Jewel
Love Birds by The Vintage Pearl
Eternal Love by Cinnamon Sticks
Embrace Your Journey by Bella Wish

You like? I love.


The Kings said...

Oh wow Tone!!! I'm so impressed with how well you are going with Make it Perfect!!! That is great you got a house close by too.

mistybliss said...

have just discovered your blog... wow - you're so clever!!! Just *love* the jewelery you found on etsy too...
michelle (dupont)

Sarah said...

Very exciting news Tones! Congrats.

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