Monday, 29 September 2008


We have moved, unpacked, de-junked, and are feeling settled into our new place. Before moving I was pretty organised and did lots of strategic packing and sorting and a lot of the clean up in the old house before moving day so it was a lot less stressful and hectic than it could have been. We are loving all of the big windows, natural light and warmth of our new house. The kids are settled and happy and sleeping at night - what more could I ask for??!

Having no internet for a few days made me very aware of the time-waster it can be. I got more done in a day ans ended up with a bit of "me-time" each day. So I have now placed myself on recreational internet will be good for me!

The day before moving I sewed up these two skirts - the pink one, an order for a customer and the yellow one for me! I love it! No, I wasn't THAT organised that I had sewing time, I just needed a break from looking at the bomb-hit house and didn't want to deal with it!!

Quilt Market is in about 6 weeks and I'm starting to get really is all pulling together, despite major printer issues which will hopefully be ironed out tomorrow when I take it in to be fixed. I wish I could just click my fingers and have everything magically finished and ready for me!


Hannah Challis said...

Where have you moved Tone? And how come you moved??

Sarah said...

I love the material you've used Toni, they look beautiful. Glad everything went well with your move, you'll have to post some pics of your new home!

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