Tuesday, 2 September 2008


When Carli started her plot to save the world I just knew that I had to knit her some dishcloths to help her along in her quest.

"How easy is it to buy a pack of Chux, sponges or some other cleaning cloth. When they're dirty, you throw them "away", although by now we all know that "away" actually means moving your rubbish to a larger rubbish pile that sits for years before (if) it decomposes. Apart from the economics of buying those cleaning wipes (I just checked online and a pack of Chux now costs $3.49 = over $40 a year), they are made, packaged and delivered to your supermarket using oil. Enter the homemade dishcloth."
Quote from Down to Earth.

I had read about knitting these awhile ago, and while they are certainly not a new concept, the idea was new to me! So I headed to the knitting shop, bought myself some organic cotton wool and started knitting using this pattern. As much as I love to knit, scarves and square dishcloths are about the extent of my projects after many terrible failed attempts at clothing around this time last year! These dishcloths provided me with a bit of time out, its nice to have another craft project on the go, completely unrelated to the "deadline" projects.

After knitting these dishcloths I have decided that they are perfectly suited to being a face washer for a newborn baby. The cotton wool is sooooo soft and smooth and would be much gentler on precious new skin than a terry toweling face washer. So if you have a new baby and I hand you a bunch of these, don't give me a "what the heck am I supposed to do with these" kind of look, okay?

Oh, and Carli, the dishcloths will come your way some time soon!
On another kind of related 'natural' note, I got some fresh peanut butter made last week - you know the kind in the health food store where you grind peanuts yourself using the special machine? My kids are loving peanut butter at the moment and every time I spread it on their sandwiches I know that they are really just eating lots of sugar, salt and oil. I hadn't had this peanut butter since I was growing up so went and got some to replace the commercial type. You know, this fresh stuff is the same price, if not a bit cheaper, than the stuff in the supermarket?!

So I was all geared up to make the kids a nice big sandwich for lunch using the new peanut butter...Oscar took one bite and says "Yuck Mum, thats a gross sandwich" and Lil has a taste and throws it over the side of her highchair!

We will now be introducing this new peanut butter mixed with jam and honey...


Anonymous said...

Haha.. thats a crack up!! Don't you hate it when you're all keen to give your kids something "healthier" and they do that!!! I know the feeling!
So whats the go with these wool washers? Wouldn't they go all out of shape? How long do they last?
I use these ones that are a bit stronger than the Chux then throw them in with my washing when they start to get smelly. Your wool ones sound more interesting though!
Melissa -x-

Marnie said...

My mum has been knitting dish cloths for a few years now- its a great idea! aBOUT THE PEANUT BUTTER- We LOVE ABC spread from the health food store- (Almond, Brazil, Cashew nuts)...its just the nuts crushed up but I think the almonds make it a bit sweeter or something- Denver loves it and always asks for it!

The Parsons Family said...

oh my thats funny! All I ever buy is the peanut butter from Sanitarium. I love it on celery!

Anna Cullis said...

Mum knitted me some of these dishcloths they are great!!! Recommend them to anyone.

Anonymous said...

LOL.... what a great post. Good luck with the peanut butter. Love the wash cloths. I made a whole bunch for my sisters new baby and my BIL opened them and thanked me for the coasters??

Anonymous said...

I am going to make a cape for myself and fly through the air!

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