Tuesday, 16 September 2008

.In the post.

I have been eyeing off these super cute beanies for a few months and was happy to order one last week. It arrived in the post yesterday and is absolutely adorable. Great price for a totally handmade item too. They have tons of beanies to choose from, check out their Etsy store. (Which is actually closed at the moment but have a look at their sold items or Flickr account to view their products.)
Lil loves putting it on and pulling it off. Dodge photos...got any tricks to make a 1 year old sit still for the camera? She is FAST! And photo taking becomes a game now with her running away any time I start snapping! It is a bit roomy, but probably a good thing as we are going into summer at the moment so will fit her for next winter too.


Sarah said...

I love it! So cute.

Anna Cullis said...

I agree with Sarah so cute.

Carli said...

WHAT A TRENDSETTER -O I will be following suit.

Anonymous said...

How to catch a 1 yr old for a picture

*Try to have the camera on before going into the room the sound of the camera shutter opening alerts Lil that it's PLAY TIME!

*And/or set her down with something she especially likes to eat,(I usually use something like dried cranberries cause it's not messy) hopefully that will keep her still long enough?

*Play the chasey around game before trying to get the actual pic and once she tires of it hopefully she will stay still for you?

and if all else fails...


Simone Triffitt said...

They are the most gorgeous beanies I have ever seen. But your kids would look gorgeous in anything!!

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