Tuesday, 14 October 2008

.little spout.

Is this the cutest thing ever or what?! Lil's first little ponytail. The mullet look is getting out of control and I was really surprised to find that she had enough hair on top to make something out of!
I used some of Heather Bailey's Trash Ties to put up the do and didn't think they would hold it in place, but they are actually really good. When I figure out how to do some creations in my hair I will share, but you might be waiting awhile given my track record with creative hair styling!!


Anonymous said...

my little girl didn't have hair for such a long time and I was overjoyed when I did her first ponytail too!!!!
I was looking at the trash ties a while ago, did you get them in AU?

Anna Cullis said...

Such a cute little spout!

Hannah Challis said...

First piggy tails are very exciting!!! Very cute!

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