Wednesday, 19 November 2008

.Make It Perfect Pattern - Little Explorer.

Little Explorer
Boys love to explore and they will be doing it in style with Little Explorer. Inspired by nature, your little guy will look and feel comfortable in the natural linen shorts and top set or delightful overalls. Little Explorer features an organic turtle appliqué design, relaxed shorts with side pockets and easy-wear overalls with button closure. Perfect for both a formal occasion or just hunting bugs in the backyard!


Anonymous said...

Very trendy Toni! Oscar is so cute. Glad to hear you went well in melbourne.

The Kings said...

Love both the new patterns Tone!! You are soooooo clever.

Angela said...

How cute are those overalls! I love the tee as well. Might have to get myself a copy of that pattern.
Great to also read your blog about market, looks like you had a great time, love the pic of you and Amy now I know what she looks like. I must say I love her fabric and have to practise self restraint when I go into material shops.

Carli said...

Mason is sitting here telling me 'Oscar wants to be a wild searcher with that picnic stick' 9 I like the turtle myself) - and he did a good modelling job!!!

Is he still looking for the upstairs in your house to watch cartoons???

Sim-Dim said...

Yay some boy stuff too. I so love all the patterns you do Toni. Maybe if I actually had a sewing machine, it might help! (giggle).

Sarah said...

Well done Tones! These patterns are fantastic and the market photos look amazing. Its wonderful to see all the great things all your hard work is producing, very inspiring!

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