Thursday, 27 November 2008

.Pattern giveaway WINNERS announced.

Are you ready for the winners...I used a Random Number Generator to help me pick the 4 lucky people, if someone commented twice then I only counted their first comment and disregarded the second to keep it fair for everyone.

So the lucky numbers were:

#10 - Lisa (are you laughing Lisa??!! I am!)

#15 - Bianca

#21 - Emmi (24 November 2008 10:34)

#33 - Michelle

CONGRATULATIONS! Email me (see my email address to the left) your postal address and I will get your chosen patterns to you ASAP!


The Kings said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!! Oh my goodness!!!!! That is hilarious. Now I'm going to bribe someone to make me a hat!!!! whoooo hooooo. I'm just excited that I won!!

michelle said...

I've never won ANYTHING before! :)

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