Wednesday, 12 November 2008

.two new skirts

Before we left for Sydney I went on a little sewing frenzie and sewed up some skirts for Lil and I. For mine, I used Amy Butler's Barcelona Skirt pattern. I made two for myself but haven't taken photos of the other one yet. For Lil's, I used a free pattern from Oliver + S. Both were quick and easy to sew up and resulted in some fresh, summery skirts for the two of us!
Thanks for the congratulations on my last post. I do have to point out that I didn't just find out I was pregnant at 13 weeks - if that were the case I would love it! I have known I am pregnant for about 5 or 6 weeks now because I have been feeling sick but didn't want to go and see the doctor or take any tests for as long as possible. I didn't want to turn up at the doctors and have him tell me I was only 4 weeks pregnant, a weird psychological thing, but I feel like if I don't know FOR SURE for as long as possible then I won't dwell as much on feeling sick and the whole thing will seem to go a lot faster for me! I was expecting him to tell me that I was around 7 or 8 weeks so was really surprised when he said 13! As Katherine pointed out in her comment, I am now into my second trimester and I haven't even had time to dwell on the first!! I have an ultrasound booked in this afternoon so will find out some more definite dates then. As far as the sickness goes, third time around is waaaay better than the first two. With Oscar I was throwing up more than once a day, with Lil it was every day or two and this time not at all so far. I still feel pretty rotten from when I wake up until around 4pm and then I seem to get an energy burst and feel great until after dinner. (So if you are planning on a visit any time in the next few weeks, please make it after 4pm so you won't see my trashed morning house!) I can pretty much control feeling sick with eating certain foods so that is a huge bonus. Problem is the certain foods are bad things like meat pies, sausage rolls, etc! Hopefully only a few weeks to go until the sickness stops altogether!


The Kings said...

I LOVE your skirt Tone. Wow - hard to believe you are already in the second trimester. How funny that you didn't really want to know! Glad the morning sickness isn't as bad as the other times.

Jackie said...

HI Toni
Love the skirts..Mel is right into sewing tracksuits at the moment..they look great..she's very artistic and putting a few added items to the I just have to show her how to make nickers..they are really cute..
Don't worry Toni you will get over the sickness and you will look great..I always say,that pregnant ladies always have a nice glow about themselves..(maybe not in the mornings)hehehe

Paige said...

Cute skirt. Hope the sicky feeling leaves you soon. This making babies business sure can take a lot out of a girl!

ms said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy. I hope you're feeling better soon.

I purchased the pattern for the wrap skirt from you off etsy and wanted to let you know I can't get enough of these skirts!! I already have three to use this winter (I'm in the US) and can't even begin to imagine my joy when the spring fabric comes out in a few months!! Thank you so much.

Mary-Jo S.

Salena said...

Oh!! Both skirts are looking so cute!! It is best outfit for summer days... I like the fabric of those skirts!!

Lise said...

I'm over here from the Flickr skirt pool to say I love your skirt and your beach-with-baby photos really caught my attention (we'd just taken some similar ones of me and my daughter; come check it out on my blog if you want). Congratulations on your pregnancy!

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