Friday, 12 December 2008

.Designs in mags.

Yesterday I received a copy of Handmade magazine in my letterbox...after months of waiting, two of my designs have been published!

This issue of Handmade has a "Craft 4 Kids" special segment and both of my patterns were a part of this segment.

1. Blossom Skirt - lots of ruffles, frills and twirl-ability...
2. Too Cool for School Pencil Roll - quick and simple to whip up, perfect for easy Christmas presents or getting ready to go back to school!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Congrats Toni!! That is so cool. Might have to buy a copy.
Linda xxx

Carli said...

I just got a call from Mari telling me she has her copy and saw you! HOW EXCITING!

The Kings said...

Oh wow Tone!!! You are like totally famous!!! I have a famous cousin!!! :)
Pip is going to borrow my hat pattern to make herself a hat, and is also going to make me one! YAY!

Anonymous said...

Wow...I think you're gonna be famous! You're so clever!

Fiona said...

Well Done Toni,
I love this little skirt. I have finally made the wrap skirt pattern I bought about this time last year. Very happy with it, will have to post a picture on my blog.


Sim-Dim said...

You are so clever! Congratulations.

renae said...

That's great :)

Angela said...

How cool is that! You are such a clever lady.
I love reading the Handmade magazine, although I have not been buying it as often due to the finances, the library has copies to borrow which is a bonus! I will definately buy this issue.

Anonymous said...

Sooo have to frame those pages and pop it onto your wall :-) That is so exciting, what a great boost for the ego huh?

Mari said...

Well done, Toni!
I'm doing some stashbusting today and will make a pencilroll..

I hear that your are about to have a pattern published in Homespun as well? Now I have a perfect excuse to buy every copy that comes out - thanks :)

Angela said...

Hi Toni
Just saying that we brought Handmade today and I am excited to make one of the pencil cases for Amelia. I also must say that it was a really good issue this time as it had so many cute projects to make. I love the owl!

Tracy said...


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