Friday, 13 February 2009

.baby girl.

I made these burp cloths for the newest kid on the block this morning.
They are made with a layer of brushed chenille to soak up drool/spew and a layer of cotton fabric for a bit of style.

The chenille is super soft and would make a nice little cloth to sit under baby's head so that you don't have to change blankets/sheets so often when they spew and make everything wet. Also just the right size to sit on your shoulder to protect your clothing.

And here is the little pixie herself...Lacey Jane - born to Brett and Kayla on Sunday morning. She is 2 days old here and is practically the cutest baby I have ever seen.


Tayla Joyce said...

Arghh, shes so cute!
Check out all that hair!
I can't wait to meet her :D

Sim-Dim said...

Caught me out again with the blog title (remember Oscar's bday - thought it was baby 3 announcement) Well this one I thought you were announcing you were having a girl!! She certainly is a gorgeous little baby.

Kayla Christie said...

haha i just came across this, oh wow that was ages ago, i miss my lil baby!

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