Tuesday, 24 February 2009

.some fun links.

Why is it that when your camera is sitting there all ready to use you don't feel like taking photos but the minute it is out of action all you want to do is snap, snap, snap?!!

The kids seem to be doing so many new, cute things and I can't take photos of them.

I have been doing LOTS of sewing and I can't take photos of my creations. (Carli...I have finished your cushions!)

The good news is that it looks like we can claim the camera accident on our house and contents insurance - horray! Jaron is dropping it into the insurance office today and we will find out what they can do for us within a week. It is WAY cheaper to get insurance to cover it than to fix or replace it ourselves and it won't affect our premium. We've had insurance forever, we may aswell start using it!

So, until the camera returns, I'm just going to make a long list of things I need to take photos and blog about - then expect LOTS of blog posts!!

For now, here are some lovelies I have spied online lately to buy for kids...

A blackboard t-shirt (yes, you can write on the apple with chalk!) from Red Poppy:
Heaps of fun, beautifully packaged kids kits for cooking, craft and exploration from Seedling:
This, I want REALLY BAD for the baby...a soft, cuddly, knitted baby cocoon from Simply Basic Designs. Does anyone know of a pattern you can buy to knit one up yourself?


Claire said...

Toni, my big sister found a pattern for a lovely knitted baby cocoon in a womans weekly (I think??) I will see if she still has it!! I totally want one too:)

Carli said...

A black board T-shirt! That's awesome. What else could be painted with blackboard paint???

make it perfect said...

You know what, you can actually buy blackboard FABRIC - I imagine they have somehow stuck that to the t-shirt...we should look into it!

Claire, that would be awesome if you can see if your sister has the pattern!

christine said...

it looks like a very long hat. it looks pretty easy to knit. when you start at the bottom, go back and forth (for the v-opening) and then start going in the round. you would do your decreases like you would for a hat. i think you can wing. i say go for it and give it a whirl.

Sals said...

hey if you get a pattern for that baby cocoon...would love a copy to knit one up myself...baby is due beginning of august so it'd be perfect!

Sim-Dim said...

Toni if I was half talented and knew more than how to knit just one big square of nothing, I would make it in a flash. Does the thought count!! PS Mr sock monkey has pride of position at the foot of Jonty's cot.

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