Thursday, 19 March 2009

.12 months ago and today.

The camera is still a few weeks away. I have a page long of things I need to take photos of and blog about when it comes back...can't wait!

So, digging through the iPhoto library...this is 12 months ago:
How absolutely cutesky are they? And how did they get so big in 1 year?!

The last week has found us:

** Finishing up and posting out two more upcoming magazine projects.
** Some exciting and nerve-wracking phonecalls and email followed up by lots of hard thinking and decision making.
** Lil turning into a tantrum-thrower.
** Twice a week playgroup saving our sanity.
** Making a booking to have a Body Shop At Home party (I love The Body Shop!)
** Becoming friendly with Ebay after not having anything to do with it for a year or so.
** Oscar exploring Duplo and coming up with some amazing creations (hence, the Ebay connection - do you have any idea how expensive Duplo is? We really should have bought Mega Blocks!)
** Oscar deciding to catch a bout of gastro - lucky for us it was only him and only lasted 3 hours early Sunday morning and he was bright and chirpy the next day. Still no fun changing sheets, pyjamas and trying to explain why we spew to a 3 year old in the middle of the night though!
** Searching the Crafty Crow archives for simple activities to do with Oscar during Lil's nap time. Do you think paper mache over a balloon is a little too ambitious?
** Finishing my new couch cushions - they look GREAT!

I am excited about:

** Fun weekend projects Jaron and I have planned to give the kids bedroom a facelift - providing the weather is nice. Will definitley be borrowing a camera to take pics of that.
** Getting my camera back.
** The future.


The Kings said...

So glad you didn't all get gastro - although beware as Jalen had it a week or more before the rest of us got it.

The Parsons Family said...

ahh Duplo! My sister in Law in the US gave us the biggest toy box of it and I will NEVER part with it. I cant believe she did! So excited about your exciting phone calls. I love it that you are doing so great Tone! Wish your camera would hurry up....

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