Thursday, 9 April 2009

.The Wood Man.

There is this dodgy-looking little wood workshop near our house. I had driven by there so many times and never gone in because it looked pretty run down from the outside. I wanted to make some family magnets for my Mother-In-Law for her birthday which was last week and thought that using wooden squares would be a bit better than the tiles I originally worked with which ended up being a bit heavy for the magnets to get a good grip on the fridge.

So I visited The Wood Man. (Not his name, that's what I call him.) His workshop is so very cool. Heaps and heaps and heaps of hand-crafted and hand-turned wooden bits and pieces. Different shapes, letters, animals, frames and lots more.

The magnets worked out beautifully...except her fridge is covered with some kind of covering which makes it non-magnetic - but I didn't know that! I'll get them to take some photos soon...they are in New Zealand.

Then I started thinking of all of the cool things that I could get The Wood Man to make for me.

First up - 10 big wooden Easter eggs.
I thought we would get these made so that Oscar and I could have a painting activity leading up to Easter. But the more I look at them, the more I like them raw. I think we will leave them as is this year and maybe get around to giving them a paint next year.
I also got him to make me 20 x 5cm square wooden blocks. The kids are having fun building all sorts of things with these. I have plans for some fun crafty sessions with them. Will keep you posted!


Anonymous said...

oh wow! I adore those Easter eggs :)The look fabulous raw. I think we drove past that place when I took the girls to the beach the other day, is it on a corner?
I'm definitely coming back to check it out now!

Cass said...

Wow I love them. I have been trying to find somewhere online in Australia that sells stuff like that. Any chance he has an online shop

The Parsons Family said...

mmmm, those sun rays... I loooove!

Carli said...

That last photo is so cute - Oscar's knees and the sun glare! The eggs are awesome raw - I am very envious of you having your very own wood man.

marnie said...

loving the natural look of the eggs

Anonymous said...

Your very own woodman... wow! I've been looking to source wooden wheels and can only find them internationally. I'd love to get them in Australia... does your woodman do online/email sales?

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