Sunday, 31 May 2009

.Baby no more.

Well, she will be for a few more days...
Lil has all of a sudden turned into a "big girl" and the baby hasn't even arrived yet...I'm feeling sad that I only have a few days (or hours!) left for her to be my baby.

As a baby, she was super-easy. Very relaxed, was always happy to just sit back and watch what was going on around her and really happy.

Then she turned 1...attitude kicked in, she became more determined and independent. Of course she was still a lovely little girl, she just became a bit more difficult to parent. I had to try different strategies that I hadn't had to with Oscar, she knew how to push my buttons (maybe a girl thing?) Mum received a Deseret Book catalogue in the mail one day which advertised a book "How To Raise Your Strong-Willed Child" and we joked about how I should buy it!

We slowly got into a good groove, worked out how to best deal with her attitude - although she still isn't an angel! I like to call her "spirited" - nothing worse than a boring kid with no personality! Lil definitely has her fair share of personality. She makes us laugh constantly. She is clever too...knows how to wrangle her way out of getting into trouble and has everyone wrapped around her little finger.

This last month she has become really cuddly. It is the sweetest thing. A large portion of my day is spent sitting on the couch with her having a "cuggle" or letting her lift up my top to blow raspberries on my stomach. Every morning she comes into our bed and lies on top of me, her littlte bottom wriggling around and her head burrowed into my shoulder while she has a little snuggle to get ready for the new day. Meanwhile, the growing baby is kicking and pushing her from inside, protesting the heavy lump imposing on its home!

I am trying to make the most of each moment we have left with her as the baby of the family. I know that as soon as the new baby is born she is going to seem soooo grown up and independent and I am hanging onto her "babiness" for as long as I can now.

(on a side note...I am feeling MUCH better now. Still have a stuffy head and a cough that I know is going to take awhile to go away, but no where near as bad as I was last week. Thankyou so much for your well-wishes and kind comments. I felt so spoiled last week as I had friends bring dinner over a couple of times (isn't that the BEST...when you are feeling rotten and know that you don't have to worry about organising dinner in the evening?), Oscar and Lil were invited to have a play morning with Eli on Friday - I actually slept in a dead-quiet house for 1 felt SO good! And I even received some special treats (yes, all in the chocolate form...) in the mail. Now I am feeling ready for the baby to come. We found out Oscar and Lil's genders before they were born and this time we have opted for a surprise...I think it makes a HUGE difference not knowing what it is going to be. I am so anxious to find out and kill this suspense! Hopefully not too much longer now...I should probably get around to packing my bag!)


Anonymous said...

She is so cute Toni, but like you said it makes for an interesting life when they have 'personality'
You should get that book, you could charge big money for a read of it.
Some of my grandchildren have heaps of 'personality' L.O.L.
Glad you are feeling better,and the next few days seeing you have a good run up to the 'big day'
Waiting with great anticipation.
Love Auntie Lorraine.

marnie said...

What a beautiful photo of Lil. I am sure she will seem so grown up when the baby arrives! Glad you are doing better this week! All the best for the next little while- cant wait to hear some exciting news soon! xx

The Triffitts said...

You must be loving the snuggle stage.Glad you are feeling better, hopefully that is your share of winter sickness over and done with!
I saw an advertisment for a book called 'How to raise your spirited child' and joked to Eden about buying it.

Nettie's Blog said...

how cute is that little lady Lil...she is going to be your best helper just wait and see...glad you are feeling better...good luck for the birth of your new baby when the time comes...

Anonymous said...

Ahh yes, the "spirited" child! I have one of those myself! Sure can be challenging some days! Why do they still have such innocent eyes though?!!
Glad you are feeling better! Not long now! Yay!

Anonymous said...

What a sweetie :) We have a 'spirited' one here too, keeps me on my toes!
Aren't those early morning snuggles precious? Glad to hear your feeling better too :)

:: fiona harding :: said...

I can't wait to meet Lil, and all of you...not long now!!! xxx

The Kings said...

I think Mum is talking about Harri there! I remember Lil being such a placid, easy baby. Funny how things change!! She is so cute. It's great she has such personality. Glad you are feeling better. I liked having a surprise twice as well - so exciting to see what the baby is just after it comes out. Can't wait to find out!!

Sim-Dim said...

Ah yes, the hospital bag is kinda important!! But when you are overdue each time, it is easy to get slack and not pack it until after due date.

Jury Family said...

I can't believe you lasted 9 months not knowing what sex your having. There is no way I could last that long! Good luck with it all

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