Friday, 15 May 2009

.birds nest and some randoms.

This little miss presents us with a nicely matted birds nest every morning. Occasionally I can be bothered trying to get it out. Like, once a week - then it takes an opened bottle of moisturiser to keep her entertained...she rubs cream all over her body while I delicately comb! Her hair is so soft and fine. I love it.
I love these photos of her, reading to her "buba" one morning. She is obsessed with books and being read to or reading to her toys. I don't know how many times a day she runs up to me, book in hand repeating "read it, read it" over and over and over.
Some other randoms...

This week has been full of late-night sewing marathons in hopes of getting myself ahead preparing some new patterns before the baby arrives so that I can have a bit of a break afterwards. I feel like I am on track so far.

Nesting has set in...yesterday the kitchen cupboards were cleaned out and re-arranged, fridge and microwave cleaned. Last week the walls and skirting boards were washed. A few more annoying, niggling jobs to get done on my list and I'll start to feel complete.

I know I must be getting big now because when I meet people I haven't seen for awhile a comment a bit like this follows: "ooohh, you've changed shape. Mustn't be long now" or "you must be ready to pop that baby out any day now" (doesn't every almost-full-term pregnant woman interpret that as "gee, you look fat all of a sudden!!") I forgot how much I dislike the last few weeks. I'm over being pregnant, but still happy to wait the 3 weeks I have left, I am just getting really tired of my clothes not fitting properly and feeling like a heffalump. My trackies are becoming my best friend! It will all be over in good time and then I'll be complaining about post-baby fat!!

Jaron and I are going out tonight to watch a local theatre production of "Sweeny Todd" - I don't know much about the story except something about a barber slitting throats...I'm not usually into gory, but a live production can't be that graphic! Last year we saw the same company put on "The King and I" and it was brilliant so we are really looking forward to it.

Jaron had another follow-up appointment at the hospital yesterday for his ankle. He doesn't have to wear the cast anymore (yay!) and can carefully walk on his foot again. He has gone from hopping, to hobbling and now a funny sideways limp.

Woah! Look at the time, almost 9am and no one is dressed or showered around here! We are having a quiet home day today - have a fun Friday what ever your plans!


Sarah said...

I can't believe its almost time for this baby to arrive, it feels like you only just announced you were pregnant (although I guess it feels much longer for you!) Good luck with everything, hope the last few weeks go well for you. Sweeney Todd is pretty gory, the music is wonderful though, I'll be interested to hear how you and Jaron like it?

sweet emmelie said...

looking forward to seeing these new creation's of yours!

L!$@ said...

It's called a baby bump not being fat! Plus, you look awesome pregnant :) Can't wait to meet the little one when he/she arrives. Keep up with the awesome creations! They are always brilliant!

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