Sunday, 7 June 2009


Monday night is Family Home Evening (FHE) for members of our Church.
Being a very young family, our FHE usually goes along the following lines:

1. Opening prayer
2. Song
3. Lesson (short and sweet...Oscar is old enough now to "get" a lesson, usually we think of something that we want him and Lil to learn about...i.e. obedience...and have a quick discussion about what it means, maybe find a story to act out to go along with it.)
4. Game (at the moment "Hide-And-Seek" is a highly requested favourite)
5. Treat
6. Closing/Bedtime Prayer
I think Oscar asks me EVERY single day if tonight is Family Night. He LOVES it! He is at a great age as he thinks everything we do is fun (even if it seems like a lame throw-together-at-the-last-minute thing) and his little mind really is like a sponge, soaking up everything we talk about.
Recently I did some internet surfing looking for FHE ideas for families with toddlers and came across some very clever Mums who have put together Family Home Evening blogs. They are so helpful, have great lesson and activity ideas for all ages and are brilliant for sharing with us! I have already used a few ideas from some of the blogs and it is great having them share their resources, printables and links all in the one spot. Really helps that "oh no, I've left FHE to the last minute again" panic!!
Seeing as they are have been so helpful to me, I thought I should share them with you they are! Let me know if you come across any other good FHE sites or blogs...

The Family Home Evening Spot

Family Home Evening

FHE - A Bit of Heaven at Home

FHE Planner

FHE In A Snap

(And if you aren't a member of our church, but you think Family Home Evening sounds like it could work in your house, feel free to join in however it may suit you! You can find out more about the official FHE program here.)


The Kings said...

Excellent! Thanks for the links. Our FHE sounds EXACTLY the same - always a VERY quick lesson and then hide and seek! Harri also asks every night 'is it home evening tonight?'.
I'm sure they won't be as enthusiastic in another ten years or so! Hopefully they will be though.

Anonymous said...

Great links, thanks for shraing :) Our girls would love to have FHE every night too!
Hilarious photos as well :P

Anonymous said...

Nothing about F.H.E. Toni.
I just wanted to say I think your new haircut makes you look very pretty.
May be we will hear some big news from you this week.
Love Auntie Lorraine.

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