Saturday, 4 July 2009

.Family Goss.

(Family Goss from a different state...)
Lil was starting to look a little feral whether I did her hair or not. Then it dawned on me that it was probably long enough to try out some piggy tails...they worked and she is the cutest thing again! She is going through such a chubbs stage - ready for another growth spurt up I think. Jaron took her to the hospital this afternoon (before this year I had NEVER stepped foot into the Emergency Department of the hospital and this year our family has been 4 times already!) she has had a really high temp and fever for the last couple of days and has been a bit fluey. Poor little thing has been really pale and cuddly and sleepy. This afternoon I noticed lots of thick ear wax pooling out of her ear and we thought that she might have had an ear infection. The doctor said it was just mild and couldn't be treated with antibiotics. Hopefully she will get over it all soon and back to her happy little self (it has been nice and quiet for the last few days though!)
Lil could share some of her meat with skinny little Tommy. He is still amazingly little. Took him to be weighed yesterday and at 3 1/2 weeks he weighs 7 pounds, 4 ounces now. Still smaller than Oscar and Lil were born but I can't imagine him being able to squeeze into my tummy.
He is being unpredictable at the moment. Some nights he can be okay and have a decent stretch of sleep sometime during the night, then we get thrown a night like last night where he woke every hour and wouldn't sleep much at all. I was over it by the morning and am wasted today. Lucky he is cute!
Oscar started a day a week of pre-school yesterday. He was a bit nervous about starting but really enjoyed it and was happy for me to leave. We only did a half day to start with but he managed okay and will go for longer next week. I'm excited for him - we thought it would be good to start getting him used to a bit of time away from home before he starts school next week and also good for him to mix with other kids his age.
We have some exciting news...big things happening for our family over the next few months! Will keep you hanging and share more soon :)


The Parsons Family said...

awww, look at that cute little bum! Hope you get some sleep tonight Tone. xox

MARYNAN said...

What three lovely little children!
Obviously Dad is "hands on". My husband was terrific also when we had a young family (about 35 years ago). Am sorry to hear that your dear little girl is not feeling the best. Little Tommy is sooooooooo cute too!

Nettie's Blog said...

i just love that pic of Dad and son....that is what you would say "the big and the little" of it...creation is so beautiful when you see it like that..
I am thinking your news is that you are MOVING...going to the mainland i right?????

Anonymous said...

Nope can't be moving, gotta be something else...Hope Liddle gets better and Tommy has changed so much already! He is cute.

Anonymous said...

Ok so I can't help myself, I have to have a guess at the BIG news...I reckon you're gonna be building yourselves a house??

The Kings said...

Yeah - it will be building a house - so jealous! :)

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