Wednesday, 15 July 2009

.Fun Post.

I love the anticipation of waiting for online shopping to arrive in the mail.

This week brought two fun deliveries...

1. LOTS AND LOTS of wooden dolls from GemmieLou. I know I have a whole heap of these dolls sitting in a basket already, but I love the new 3.5" dolls she sells. They are big enough to be able to paint/decorate easily and for little hands to play with. (Don't be too alarmed, they aren't ALL for me...Carli, Chelsea and I did a combined order to save on postage!)
2. A cool print to frame from SparklePower. I have a thing for bright green with a hint of rose red at the moment, maybe some inspiration for the new house decorating? Now I just have to find a frame :)


The Parsons Family said...

holy flip, they came fast. I better get my butt into gear and put the money into your account! Thanks heaps Tone. How awesome do they all look crammed into that box!!!!! yippeeee

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