Monday, 20 July 2009

.Recipe Monday.

I know I've said it before, and I'm gonna say it again...I LOVE LEMON! After Tommy was born, I had lots of lovely women from church make dinner for us. After our week of meals were over, my brilliant Visiting Teacher, Edna then surprised us with another FULL WEEK of home-cooked meals! She is such a champion, it was so nice to be spoiled. Edna didn't know of my lemon infatuation and on the last night she cooked for us she turned up with this sensational cake. I couldn't get enough of it (and even managed to eat 3/4 of it in 2 days - seriously. It was BAD!) It has definitely made it to the top of my favourite lemon treats.
(A few things to note before making...the cake mixture will be really thick, almost like a wet cookie dough. I used my fingers to spread it over the base of the tin...the lemon curd will be quite runny, thats okay - it will seep into the cake mixture when will probably want to double it - and cook in 2 separate tins - because it is so delicious you will be wanting more!!)

Edna's Lemon Curd Teacake
1 cup SR flour

60g butter
1/2 cup sugar
1 egg

Lemon Curd:
1/4 cup lemon juice
60g butter
1/2 cup sugar
1 egg

Place all ingredients into a large bowl and beat well with electric mixer or food processor.
Lemon Curd:
Place all ingredients into a saucepan and whisk over medium-high heat until mixture boils and thickens slightly.

Grease and line a round cake pan.
Spread half of the cake mixture over the bottom of the pan.
Pour lemon curd over cake mixture.
Sprinkle dollops of remaining cake mixture over top of lemon curd.
Bake in 180 degree Celsius oven for 1/2 an hour or until cake mixture is cooked through.


Anonymous said...

YUM! I love lemons too.....looks like a fabulous cake. A lemon tree will be on of the first things we plant in our new place!

Bianca Jae Makes Stuff said...

Wow! Yum! This will go on this weeks baking list. Thanks! xox

Minka's Studio said...

What is SR flour?

Yana said...

i like lemon too! thanks for the recipe, looking forward to trying it.

rachelmp said...

Ummm... that looks so good!

Nic said...

Thanks for blogging this yummy recipe. I had a go at it this afternoon and it turned out great. My eldest son and i decided we had to give it a taste test and ...... oops, a quarter is already gone!

Anonymous said...

Made it this morning - will add it to my favorites list. A easy and great afternoon or morning tea - but I would add a scoop of ice cream on the side. Thanks so much - look forward to any other suggestions. Naomi

Kayla Christie said...

I have a ton of lemons to use, so thought oh ill go on tonis recipe monday and find something to make! lemon teacake it is! yum

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