Wednesday, 7 October 2009

.when you turn 4.

you jump into mum and dad's bed to open presents in the morning.
you are happy when mum tells you that you have grown overnight.

you have nutri grain for breakfast.

you are allowed to have a lolly pop after breakfast.

you spend all morning playing with your new toys.

you meet dad at mcdonalds for lunch.
you play with your new toys all afternoon.

you make a big mess in your bedroom and mum doesn't get grumpy.
you get to choose what we have for dinner - a picnic...veggie sticks, dip, crackers, bread, cheese, cabana, ham, chicken wings...your favourite!

you invite gramma and poppy and cade over for dinner and birthday cake.

you can't stop smiling when everyone sings happy birthday to you and you blow out the candles.
you decide not to have a bath because you really, really want to keep playing with the new racing track that gramma and poppy bought you.
you get to stay up for 10 minutes after you brush your teeth.

you go to bed and flake in a heap after a big, happy birthday dreaming about your cool pirate party on the weekend!

Can't believe you are FOUR years old already!


Ellieboo said...

Wow - sounds like a perfect birthday. Glad you had such a wonderful day

Liam's Mummy said...

The smile in the third picture is PRICELESS! Happy Birthday little man - 4 is a very cool age!

Makayla said...

Sounds like a perfect day for a 4 year old, happy birthday Oscar!!

The Kings said...

Awesome birthday!!! Happy birthday Oscar.

rachelmp said...

What a perfect birthday! 4 year olds ROCK

Nettie's Blog said...

ant believe it is that long ago sine that little man was born....i really am getting old...the time flies by so fast.... wasnt it just yesterday????? you duffer that was baby Tommy...but wait wasnt there a little LIL in there too??????
Happy birthday to You Special boy...

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