Friday, 6 November 2009

.Feeling like this.


The tree isn't up, I haven't even thought about gifts but I believe that the it is officially OK to start listening to Christmas carols on the 1st November!

Christmas carols make you feel good. I like to make sure I get 2 whole months of festive listening in for the year! Start listening today!!!
1. The Tree's Up, 2. Christmas Baubles Stored in Vintage Hat Box, 3. christmas hats, 4. My first Gingerbread House, 5. don't open 'til..., 6. Merry Christmas!!! ~ Take one each Please~~~, 7. Target Tuesday: Tree Tea Towel, 8. snow globe christmas cookies, 9. Vintage Christmas 3 0f 3, 10. Day 41/365: Merry Christmas, Flickrites!, 11. Christmas 2007 (our apt.), 12. Fabbbbulous vintage ornament wreath, 13. holiday rag wreath (1), 14. melting snowman, 15. OchristmasTree new (13), 16. holiday rag wreath (19)


The Kings said...

Oh boy - I'm not with it this year! Usually I'm in the Christmas mood already, but I'm starting to freak out about as it's coming up so quickly and I'm feeling very unprepared for it. Beautiful pics - just the inspiration I need to start getting me in the mood.

Becky said...

I have already blogged the first of my Christmas sewing projects and am starting on my 2 Secret Santa gifts so it is not too early for talk of Christmas in my opinion!

I did have to stop myself from buying new decorations the other day, I will wait until the tree is up before I think about that. Maybe that makes it early for some things Christmas ;)

renae said...

Yes! I haven't played any at home yet, but I have lingered in shops longer than necessary to sing along! I was out for afternoon tea today and they had Dean Martin's Christmas songs on - how could I not be merry!

Love the selections in your mosaic :)

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