Monday, 28 December 2009

.Christmas Sewing: Birdie Slings.

With the Christmas gifts given, I can share some my Christmas sewing now! First up, bags...three Amy Butler Birdie Slings, to be precise. I really love this pattern, love the size and shape of the bag. Mine goes everywhere with me...big enough to use as a nappy bag or just for me. (I like big bags!)

This one for my sister-in-law, Whitney:
This one for my sister, Carli:
And this one for my Mum:
I lined the bag with fabric I stamped and used for a table cloth at AQM last year! I have 4m of it and am not likely to use it again so thought I should put it to good use! It looked pretty cute, but I forgot to take a picture.

Whitney's Bag - Anna Maria Horner Good Folks, Small Gathering in Sea
Amy Butler Midwest Modern 2, Honeycomb in Forest
Carli's Bag - Amy Butler Lotus, Morning Glory in Linen
Amy Butler Lotus, Full Moon Polka Dots in Cherry
Mum's Bag - Paula Prass Summer Soiree, Centerpiece in Gray
Paul Prass Summer Soiree, Mints in Gray


Jenny said...

Oh I love the Birdie sling bag...I've been wanting to make one for awhile. You have re-inspired me! Great choice of fabrics.

Mel said...

Isn't it a great bag, I made 2 using Memoirs of Geisha fabric! The Anna Maria Horner fabric looks great too (I have that lined up for the socialite dress!) Awesome bags!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous bags. I love your fabric combos!

Karen said...

As always I love you fabric choices Toni!!
It's a gorgeous bag - great gifts which I bet were well received.

Carli said...

I really do love that second one :) I'll take a pic of the cute birdie lining for you xxx

Nettie's Blog said...

just gorgeous that Birdie slig bag..i am a bag girl i did say bag GIRL ....if you are taking order i am ordering...
Happy New Year..see you at camp..he he

The Bartons said...

Hello what about for your favourite sister inlaw!!! Hahaha

Aimee said...

very cute...i especially like the fabric of the one for carli.
hope you had a nice Christmas.

Nikki said...

I like the style of this bag and I love the fabric for carli's too.

Becky said...

I got this pattern for Christmas and can't wait to get started!! I also got the weekender bag too :)

Love all your fabric choices.

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