Friday, 22 January 2010

.Lots and lots and lots of fabric.

30+ meters of it, infact!

Fabric mail is my favourite kind of mail. I think many of you may agree! I was a tad bit excited to receive all of this fabric during the week. Thanks Elissa!!! If you haven't visited Kelani Fabric, then GO THERE! Nothing beats a bit of online shopping when you have three little ones at home. No need to keep anyone entertained in the pram or plan shopping trips in between nap times - I love it! Just about all of this fabric came from Kelani and a few extra necessary pieces from here and there.
Unfortunately I am still not able to share exactly WHAT I am doing with these fabrics - not yet anyway! My pattern testers and close friends know...lets just say it has something to do with a whole heap of new patterns and it is VERY exciting :) I promise as soon as I can tell more, I will! Now, if only I can stop looking at the fabric and get to work :)


rachelmp said...

Love it!

Mel said...

Having some serious fabric envy here! Lovely mix there and no doubt some superb ideas will flow from it! Nice to see lots of your "new" patterns arriving in our local hobbysew, always brings a smile to my face to know I can support my local business and one of my favourite designers! :)

Miss Amy said...

Oooo I too have been struck by the green eyed monster. I love those fabrics! Very envious!

Karen said...

Oooh I bet you can't wait to cut into that lot!
I see some pink dots in the pile that I used when I made a 'frothy' project for you.

Nic Wood said...

wow, what a gorgeous stash! cant wait to see what you are upto with them!

Nic xxx

anne marie said...

i hope it's more boy patterns! you make the cutest STUFF!

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