Friday, 12 March 2010


We thought this boy would never get moving.


Tommy is 9 months old and his weight and length are both measuring UNDERNEATH the bottom line on the average measurements graph! He is still wearing the same clothes he has been wearing since he was 3 months old - very economical!

He can roll but he can't sit or crawl.

Until this morning.

Why didn't we think of it before? LEGO! Lego is still the favourite thing at our house. Both Oscar and Lil love playing with it. I had finished feeding Tommy and put him down on the floor with some toys to have a play while I went to hang the washing on the line. Came back 10 minutes later to see him COMMANDO CRAWLING across the loungeroom to get to a pile of little lego pieces. We all rejoiced, then sat and watched him pick up tiny lego blocks and shove them in his mouth.




Oh boy, this is going to be fun!!! *wink*


marnie said...

Gorgeous BIG photos and a nice little sneak peak at your new home in some of the pics!!!!! WEll done Tommy!

The Bartons said...

good boy tommy!!! we are proud of you little boy!!! xoxox

Rebecca said...

oh go tommy. its really a blessing that he hasn't started moving until now! At least he has let you organise your new home a bit! your new home looks lovely light and airy! We may have to pop around for a visit sooN!

Ellieboo said...

Yay - great news - he just needed some lego motivation

Anna said...

Yay for Tommy!!!

Little Munchkins said...

Hip hip hooray Tommy! Well done.

Now you have to watch out for those Lego pieces....

Karen said...

Hooray for you Tommy!
But you're right - it's harder with the last child as there is suddenly an abundance of small pieces and parts at their disposal!
Such a happy little face Toni.

Elethea said...

Bravo Tommmy!
Anyone got any ideas how to motivate a 16 month old to walk?

The Parsons Family said...

yipeee, way to go Tommy! You notice you and I don't have a picture on Lisa's blog roll now! Pictures too big!!!

Aimee said...

Tommy, you little champ! good things come in small packages you know.

i'm with becky... it's a blessing he hasn't been on the move until now!

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