Tuesday, 23 March 2010

.bunny ears and stealing work?.

Nana in New Zealand told us on Sunday that she posted a special easter parcel to the children and they would be receiving it sometime this week. They always look forward to Nana's parcels filled with fun little toys, games and treats.

This morning Oscar announced that the parcel would arrive today and that when it did we had to take some photos to show Nana. I gently reminded him that the parcel would arrive soon, but probably not today.

Haha - you should have seen my surprise when we arrived home from playgroup at lunch time only to find the parcel sitting on the doorstep!

And look at Nana's awesome creations...polar fleece bunny ear beanies for easter!!! SO CUTE! Lil loves hers so much that she wore it to bed and woke up with it still on (and a very sweaty head!) Thankyou Nana for the hats and other fun goodies in the parcel!

bunny ears

And on another note...thankyou for the Oishii compliments :) I would LOVE to write up a tutorial to show you how I did it but I'm a bit worried if I go ahead and give instructions about how to make the whole thing that I might be ripping off the Etsyan whose work I was inspired by.

What do you reckon?

For myself, I am totally fine with people trying to reproduce my patterns using their own heads to come up with the design. I don't expect someone to purchase a pattern if they are capable of working it out themselves. I would, however, find myself a bit ticked off if I came across a tutorial (or pattern to purchase) that someone had put together based on my work.

So, how about this friendly compromise...if there is enough interest, I will put together a tutorial showing how to make a lined, zipper pencil case but won't give instructions showing how to do the patchworky bit on the front. I'm sure you are more than capable of working that part out yourself, and the good thing about these pencil cases is that they don't have to be perfect!

Let me know if you are interested and I'll start putting it together...


marnie said...

Woohoo- hey look- its Denver and I in the "you might also like" thing at the end of your post! I feel famous and had totally forgotten about those pics! I would love a pencil case tutorial, and my opinion is that something like a pencil case is so universal that you arent stealing someones pattern, we can find ways to make them unique ourselves. Thanks heaps! xx

marnie said...

And in all that excitement about seeing that pic of us with you guys from 2007 (wow!) I forgot to say I LOVE the beanies and LOVE the oh so delighted looks on Oscar and Lil's faces! Priceless! Go Nana in New Zealand!!!

:: fiona harding :: said...

Hee hee, I LOVE that photo of the kids in their bunny hats. Simply GORGEOUS. I wish I could have a pencil case like that to show off at Uni, so yes - I say go Toni. Give us a tutorial. Maybe one day I might find time to make it!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the bunny ears. I could just imagine all my grandkids and their Mum's and Dad's wearing them at Easter.
What a riot that would be.
The kids look just delighted with their present.
Love Auntie Lorraine.

Rebecca said...

LOVE the beanie ears! What a creative nana! And yes go ahead with the tute! I'm with Marnie - A pencil case is pretty hard to claim as an original idea! (jsut means that those of us who have no clue can get a little help!!! ie ME!!)

Anonymous said...

sounds like a plan! look forward to it...Jacinta

Elethea said...

I say, if you like the pencil case and don't know how to make it, go to the etsy shop and buy one. I know a pencil case isn't a original idea, but what is? but that is just my opinion :-)
Love the bunny ears by the way.

young women said...

Don't you just love the green walls as backgrounds for pics now!? :)
Those ears are SOOO cute!

Oh and this is me (as in Lisa!) not YW :)

Miss Amy said...

you could always ask the etsy seller who's idea it was... just an idea... she might be completely fine with you doing it...

Anonymous said...

I would go to the lady who made it and ask her if she is happy with you doing a tutorial on a pencil case. I guess if you're "ticked" about someone copying your stuff then maybe you should take your own advice and not potentially "tick" someone else off by copying their idea and making a tutorial out of it.
Or like someone else has said, if you like it, just go to the etsy shop and buy it and support her talent and skill.

Sue said...

The bunny ear beanies are so cute ^_^

I would love to see a tutorial for a lined pencil case, my daughter just asked me to make her one :)

nicoledemana said...

hi I love the bunny eared fleece hat I would love a tute on how to make them my grandchildren would love them I hope you decide to do it thanks for the share take care God Bless Nicole

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