Saturday, 3 April 2010

.Easter =.

I loooove Easter...extra, extra long-weekend, lots of chocolate, sunny days, everyone home to chill out together.

Our Easter weekend has looked a little like this so far:

Hunting for little eggs left by Easter Bunny (he is rather unpredictable in this family...appearing late in the morning while the kids are getting dressed in their bedroom, after dinner while they are in the bath...always at an appropriate time to deliver his chocolate and non-chocolate gifts ensuring that adequate breakfast has been eaten before devouring the chocolate ;) )

Homemade hot cross buns...oh my, these were insanely delicious. So good that we had to share a few with our neighbours to stop us from gulping them all down. Will definitely be making these all year 'round!

Non-chocolate Easter PJs made using my Slumber Party Jammies pattern. Cute, cute, cute! The kids love them and I have decided that I REALLY need a pair in my size ;)

ALMOST finishing the deck! And it is looking great...Jaron has been spending every spare moment on outside jobs around the house for the last 4 months, will be so good when they are all done!

Reading special Easter stories that belonged to me (although Carli will debate that it is HER book!) when I was a little girl. The kids love this one, I wish we had kept more books from when we were little.

As well as lots of house cleaning, too many late nights, watching Ty play his first footy game for the season, a big breakfast to farewell Cade and Paul who are both leaving on their missions this week, boating, sewing, waiting for a new baby boy to make his arrival...and who knows what the rest of the weekend will bring? Jaron doesn't have to go back to work until Wednesday - yippee!!

Oscar's PJs -
David Walker, Robots, Painted Rockets in Ivory
David Walker, Robots, Linework Robots in Red
Lil's PJs -
Lizzy House, Red Letter Day, Ugly Duckling in Feather
Sandi Henderson, Ginger Blossom, Vintage Cherries in Spring


Anonymous said...

I used to love that book, totally forgot about it till now. I will have to over to mum and dads and dig it up.
Happy Easter

Anonymous said...

Clever Easter Bunny! And WOW! Check out that deck! It's all looking so cool :) Linda x

Tanya said...

ahh, that's interesting, we have been 'cleaning out' books at our house today and there is an op shop pile, a pass on to special people pile but, I am afraid the 'too old for it now but it was fantastic and will be again so we'll keep it' pile is the largest!

Jennifer said...

Your hot cross buns look scrumptious, the pajama pants are adorable and the deck is absolutely gorgeous.

The Kings said...

Nice job on the deck Jaron!! Very impressed.

Okay Tone - I think you have convinced me to learn how to sew. Those PJ's are sooooo cute and I want to learn how to make them. Think you can teach someone who knows ZERO about sewing!? :)

Anonymous said...

Well Toni, as usual you have been extra busy at Easter as usual.
I love your deck and I love whole huge it is. I t like having a whole other room.
So you have a p.j. pattern in your size, for the bottoms I mean. Why don't you do a pattern for that.
I am not a sewer but I would have a go at the pants, because I wanted to have some draw string pants to wear in the summer because jeans are too hot and uncomfortable.
Hope you enjoy the break having Jaron at home.
Love Auntie Lorraine.

Blanche said...

the buns look scrummy! and the deck is super awesome, but I especially love those over sized jammies hiding Lil's feet! cute.

Makayla said...

The deck looks totally awesome.. I love all your easter traditions and the whole dragging it out for longer thing.. Pretty please make an adult pj pants pattern!????? Has everyone begged you enough yet?? But remember you told me i can be on the pattern ;)

Anonymous said...

Super Cute PJs! I just ordered some flannel to make some for Ada! Happy Easter!! Jacinta B

Fiona said...

We spent the weekend in Shearwater and I was sure we saw your house! Did not want to knock on the door and check. Looks great.
We loved it up there, would love to live close to the beach.
Happy Easter.

marnie said...

The deck looks amazing...I love it so much, its almost like another room to the house...the kids look so cute in their new jammies- what size does that pattern go up to? The buns look the best- so delicious!

sm[ash]101 said...

acutally, i just read the country bunny to michaela a few weeks ago when we went to visit the jeffrys :)

Jury Family said...

Those pyjama bottoms are so cute. I am purchasing myself a sewing machine next week and I will have to try some of your patterns...I am not yet a sewer but hoping to self teach good enough that my kids can wear something and it not fall apart or have one leg longer then the other!!!!
I also just wanted to say that I just LOVE the colour of your house. So bold and original. Love it :)

Anonymous said...

Has the link to the pattern been removed? x

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