Friday, 16 April 2010

.Rockin' Baby.

When I was 19 I felt the need for a change. I had just finished my first year at uni studying education and had been in school since I was 5. I needed a breather year to go and do some exploring and adventuring and decided to move to Queensland. Carli and I traveled and stayed with a family friend on the Sunshine Coast for a couple of weeks. During that time Carli decided to move to Sydney closer to family and get on with her studies and I made friends with a beautiful family who lived closer to Brisbane and started boarding with them. It was SO much fun - 3 teenage girls and a beautiful Mama living together. They treated me like one of the family and I have never felt more loved or included in a family outside my own than in theirs.

After almost a year of living with them my heart lead me to Sydney where I embarked upon a new adventure (this time, more of an eternal significance!) but I still keep in contact with this special family in Queensland.

A few months ago, one of my little "sisters" had her first baby. It took me a long time, but I finally sent of this pressie last week.

I was so happy with the way it turned out - what baby boy wouldn't love a funky rockin' guitar onesie? I'm thinking Tommy also needs one would only be fitting, considering his name sake :)


Heather Bailey, Nicey Jane, Hop Dot in Olive
Grey felt


meika said...

So cute!

marnie said...

That is gorgeous! He will be a very funky little man indeed!

Alison said...


You're making little boys totally funky all over the world! My friends Evan and Ben will love their tshirts for a few years, I'm sure (there was some growing room). :)

You're awesome. :)

The Parsons Family said...

love love love!!!! Hattie would rock in that top girled up a bit! A pink guitar!!!!

Sally said...

100% rock'n.

Sarah said...

Love the onesie, its too cute. And so fun to hear your memories of your time up in QLD, doesn't seem all that long ago does it!

Louisa said...

I love that you added the guitar strings. How cool!

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