Monday, 31 May 2010

.DOILY Love!.

Somebody...please stop me! My latest little obsession is....DOILIES!!!

This kinda makes me laugh actually because once upon a time I was anit-doily. Couldn't stand them. Now I can't get enough!

I happened to find Fresh Vintage Crafts - another Aussie on Etsy and have been eyeing off her goods for awhile. She updates her shop once a month(ish) and her hand-dyed doilies sell FAST!! So I was lucky to snag up the ones that I got...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!! Not really sure what I am going to do with them yet...I have used them as little "props" in my Citrus pOp hairpin photos though! I keep getting them out of the cupboard and looking at them, stacking them up, spreading them out :) Imagining wall art, clothing decoration, pin cushions... but not able to commit to doing anything with them just yet!!!

My purchase from Fresh Vintage Crafts has inspired me to head into the opp-shops (if you know me well enough, you will know that I DO NOT "do" opp-shops!!!) and I have come away with a great collection of doilies and table runners to cut up into smaller doilies. So now I have a heap of white/cream ones to play with too!

This post was going to be REALLY long...I've got a heap of doily-love links and ideas I wanted to share but will save them for another day (or two!)


Knicky Knacks said...

How funny. Like you, I was never a doily fan and then since blogging have this insatiable need to buy them in bulk! Like you, I've just put them away for 'something' but have no idea what. I look forward to getting some inspiration from your ideas.

Natalie said...

I did the exact same thing! A friend of mine posted me the link to that shop and I eagerly snapped up a collection of gorgeous hand dyed doiles and now whenever I go to an op shop I bring home 1 or 2 with me. Haven't used them yet, they sit in a special box that I gaze at from time to time though

Anonymous said...

hi Toni,
wondering if you can help me. I brought a largish doily form an op shop but i am not sure if i can cut out the individual motifs. Have you done this successfully?


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