Tuesday, 11 May 2010

.Tooth Fairy duty.

We are lucky to have cousin Mason stay with us this week - he was so brave and came down with Aunty Filipa without his Mum & Dad!!!!

It has been so much fun...he is a great help and keeps the children thoroughly entertained.

When Mason arrived he had a very wobbly tooth and tonight the little thing fell right out!

He was a bit worried about how the tooth fairy would find him down here (he lost his first tooth at home a couple of weeks ago) so we wrote the tooth fairy a letter and I assured him that I would give her a call when he went to bed and let her know where he was!!!

Now...do I send the tooth home to his parents or throw it in the bin?!!

I'm off to COLOUR IN a tooth fairy certificate because apparently that is what the tooth fairy did LAST TIME - thanks Carli!!! ;)


Sally said...

Have fun colouring in!

The Kings said...

oh that is cracking me up!!!!!!!!!!! Your first taste of the tooth fairy and it's not even your kids! :)

Little Munchkins said...

That is hilarious!!

Chelsea Parsons said...

he he, go Tone!

Sean Butcher said...

My wife's with me right now, and as we're reading your blog, she can't help but adore your cousin Mason. I can also see my son through him when his tooth fell out last night. Just this morning, we went to some of the dentists (Myrtle Beach-based) and checked for cavities. Thank God, the dentist found nothing but a healthy smile, so the tooth fairy will reward him goodies tomorrow!. Well, good luck to your coloring job, Toni!

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