Thursday, 3 June 2010

.Doilies to buy.

Are you sick of the doily posts?? This is the last one (for now)... I promise!!

Of course I had to do an Etsy search on "doilies" and these are a few of the awesome handmade goods I came across:

If I had my ears pierced, I would be wearing these for sure! At the moment, hoop earrings are just about pushing me over the edge to get them pierced!

Lovin' this doily-embellished tote:

Cool doily-framed silhouette:

Almost can't resist this coin purse:

And thinking I need to make one of my zippered pouches using some natural fabrics and doilies like this one:

Paper doilies are totally in again ;)

And I had to save my VERY favourite till last....How awesome is this doily clock???? I want one for my studio SO BAD!


Carli said...

you are obsessed! It is time to stop the doily fanaticism before you turn into one!

Janelle Wind said...

I'm with you Toni, I don't have my ears pierced either but hoop earrings are almost convincing me to do it too!! Let me know if you get brave enough xx Janelle

stashavalanche said...
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stashavalanche said...

Love that doily clock!

Have a look at these too: and

Also this book (although I haven't tried anything from it yet)

Have fun!

Miss Amy said...

Im in love with that clock! although I already have a sweet clock in my studio, and im 99.9% certain DP would say NO WAY to a doily clock in the main living area.. :P I hope you can get it!

Farah said...

Its lovely, I like your use of doilies. it enhance the simple thing, over all creativity look...

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