Sunday, 27 June 2010

.New Sprout.

Winter has really set in here. We have been lucky so far to have mostly sunny days even if it is crisp outside, but the mornings are becoming noticeably colder (this morning our pipes were frozen and we had to run the shower for about 5 minutes before they thawed out and the pressure picked up!)

I was determined to make Lil another Sprout dress sooner rather than later so that she could get some good wear out of it and knew that she would be happy wearing it on cold mornings to church.

Last night I made this for her:

It took me awhile to decide on the fabric for this one but I am really happy with how it turned out. Pretty red with a splash of aqua is a stunning combo and she looks very Little Red Riding-Hoodish. (I haven't finished with the Ta Dot fabric yet and couldn't resist it in flannel!!!)

The side pockets are a hit - especially as they are lined with flannel and keep her hands toasty and warm.

Seeing her wear this today made me think seriously about an adult version that many of you hinted at when the pattern was first released. It would be so super comfortable and warm - especially teamed with a pair of winter boots.

Cheeky smile! It is so hard to get an un-posed photo of Lil at the moment...she insists on screwing up her nose poking her tongue between her cheeks. Full of mischief - love it!!!

Make It Perfect pattern - Sprout
Patty Young, Flora and Fauna, Blossoms in Red
Michael Miller, Ta Dot in Ocean


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! Love the print, so bright and cheery on a freezing morning :) I don't think my fingers and toes thawed out until at least lunch time today :P

The Kings said...

Cheeky Lil!!! Cute dress :) Lovely pics.

Fiona Harding said...

Just whipped it up in an evening????
It would take me a whole week just to cut it out :S
Lil looks gorgeous in it.
Well done,

Susie said...

Please, please, please make an adult version of it and release the pattern. I love it. Your girl is gorgeous but I only have a boy and want to make one for ME.

Karen said...

I love that Patty Young fabric too Toni - I used it with the aqua hummingbirds for a summer dress for one of my girls.
Ta dot in flannel - really!!! Where!!!
Cute, cute pics of Lil.

Jennifer said...

That is adorable, I think both of my girls need at least one this fall. I agree, you should definitely do a big girl size, I think I might need one as well :)

Kristy said...

It looks great! I love the colors and patterns that you used. Great model to.

Anonymous said...

How about that Toni?
I hadn't even finished reading your blog, when I thought I would like that to wear in winter with boots and tights.
If you bring it out in an adult size I would buy one, and find someone to sew it for me.
Love Auntie Lorraine.

Paige said...

That is darling! I have two boys and love to drool over cute girly patterns!

Becki and Jeff said...

I'd really like to see an adult pattern for this!

Ingrid said...

Oh yes! An adult version would be absolutely fantastic. I plan on buying myself Sprout as a wee birthday present to myself, and could actually just imagine whipping up a me-sized version. Please, Toni, please!

brissmith said...

yes please for an adult version! I've just finished a downtown jacket for DS. There is a pic on my blog. Susan

Kate said...

Lil looks gorgeous. My 4 year old does the same thing when taking photos so I have to try to take her by surprise. I'm going to try to make this little dress too, hopefully before winter's over.

Anonymous said...

very bright and cheery! It is hard to decide what fabric to use sooo many nice ones..I still haven't, it will be spring before ada gets her sprout :) Jacinta

Corrie said...

gorgeous, love the red and aqua together!

must make it for keira as have the pattern here ready to go!


Anonymous said...

So cute! She looks so warm and very loved in a beautiful dress just made for her by her mum. Lucky girl.
XO Amelia

tasha said...

this is so adorable! it is surely on my list of things to make! i love red and aqua fabrics you used. the hood is just too cute!!

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