Monday, 5 July 2010

.Citrus my hair.

I am a very visual person and find it hard to picture what things are going to look like unless I have something concrete in front of me to focus on. We were having a play with the camera yesterday and took some photos of Citrus pOp hairpins in my hair. I finally made myself a selection of favourites to wear in my hair so that I am not tempted to open every set in the shop and keep them for myself!

So, if you are wondering what they look like in someone's hair...wonder no more!

Oh, and I have decided to reduced the prices of the hairpins to make them a little more affordable too so take a look!

P.S. Citrus pOp is now on Made It!


Carli said...

dainty and sweet - i like the citrus one

Kate said...


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