Friday, 13 August 2010

.Art Swap Package #1.

I love the posty...well, maybe not the posty himself (although he is a cool guy), but I love the surprises he brings in the mail! The coolest thing about online shopping is the excitement of receiving it on your doorstep in your PJs - after buying it online in your PJs!!

I wasn't expecting anything exciting in the mail today and don't have any purchases on their way to me (it is the best when you forget you have bought something though and it surprises you!) so was totally perplexed when the posty dropped off a mailing tube and it was post marked USA.

Jaron was working from home today and I saw his "what the heck have you bought now?" look being thrown my way. I was wracking my brains trying to remember what I had bought that would have to be rolled up into a tube and even more confused when I opened it up and found this inside:

Remember the Art Exchange Project: Art Swap I blogged about last month? I know how these chain mail things can easily not work if one person breaks the link, but thought that out of 36 gifts, I would be bound to get at least one or two things in the mail and would be happy with that. But, oh my goodness!!! My jaw dropped when I received this brilliant canvas print in this morning.

The penny dropped when I read Katie's note and she explained that this was her Art Swap gift to me. I didn't expect to receive something this awesome. If you are not a member of my church then you may be a little confused as to what the picture is all about. It is a photograph (taken by Katie) of one of our faith's most prominent temples in Salt Lake City. I have wanted a picture of the temple to display in our new home but hadn't found one that I loved so this is just perfect! I'm going to take it to be framed next week and can't wait to get it up on the wall.

Katie has an Etsy store, Katie's Clicks where she sells her canvas prints - there are heaps of beautiful photographs to choose from, go and check them out.
She also blogs at Something About Kate - and is giving away this print at the moment! Hurry though, the giveaway ends in about 24 hours so quickly go and leave a comment! I really want to enter but think that would be a little greedy of me ;)

Thankyou so much Katie :) I am so excited and honoured to have received this beautiful canvas in the mail today.

In other Art Swap art swap recipient has received her package and blogged about it here. How cute do the hairclips look in her daughter's hair? Margie also has a unique Made It store selling funky cloth dolls, personalised soft toys, wooden blocks and more at mydezigns.


The Jacks said...

Tone, i LOVE LOVE LOVE the print!!! Awesome :)

The Kings said...

lucky duck!! Very nice.

Katie said...

Thank you for such a nice post! I am glad you liked your print and were so willing to share about it here on your blog. I hope I get at least one thing in the mail too....however, I am not holding my breath! haha

Unknown said...

YAY Kaite!

I met Katie because I won one of her prints and we have since become bloggy friends. And now we are all art swap friends!

Katie--this was the most perfect thing to send. I love it!

I'm so excited this is working out, I hope you get more things from the 'posty'

Handmade Flowers said...

How lucky are you:) I am still waiting for any kind of gift in the mail:)

Jodi said...

Can you share more about the art swap exchange and how it works? Or where to find somewhere to join? Thanks! Cool print!

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