Sunday, 29 August 2010

.Big Uptown Girl.

This Big Uptown Girl jacket has been hanging around unfinished for 2 months. Why is it that finishing a garment - in this case, making a button hole and sewing on two buttons, ends up being put off for so long when it only takes 10 minutes to actually finish it when you finally work up the motivation to get it done?!

Or is that just me? Am I the only one who pushes the "finishing off" jobs aside?

Anyway, it is done now and I love it. This is a girl's size 10 - the biggest size that the Uptown Girl jackets come in. I can actually put it on - but the sleeves are too short and it is a bit tight across the back/chest...just a thought for those of you who keep begging me to produce a women's Uptown Girl...if you are a little bit confident with your sewing I reckon you could probably make a few adjustments to the largest size to make it fit yourself ;)

I really like how the fabric combo turned out. To be honest, I didn't think that they worked that well together before sewing it up but I was keen to get a size 10 sewn up to make sure it all worked okay and had limited larger pieces of fabric in my stash to choose from. These are two of my favourite fabrics though, I love Saffron Craig's Fields range - I don't have any of the yellow dandelion in my stash but think that I need to get myself some to do something with for summer. I'm always drawn to Amy Butler's "coordinating" fabrics too - Sunspots, Happy Dots...I always stock up on them because they are great for mixing and matching with busier prints.

So, the only question now, is what to do with this Big Uptown Girl?? I could hold onto it for Lil to wear in 7 years or maybe I'll put it up for sale with my other sample garments that I am about to sell off?? Hmm...

Make It Perfect, Big Uptown Girl pattern
Saffron Craig, Fields, Dandelion in Pink
Amy Butler, Love, Sunspots in Turquoise


Kitty Talk said...

So adorable! I am the same way with finishing projects. If it is for someone else I finish it as soon as I can but things like buttons and zippers or top stitching around the purse to finish it off ALWAYS gets put off for me. Especially if it is just for me. haha I FINALLY got your blog to let me be a follower! Every time I would try it wouldn't respond. Now I am officially a stalker. :)

the woodwards said...

the way Eden is growning, size 10 would fit her next week... maybe you could give it to a random person.... thinking!!! ME!!!!! ;)

What I Did Today said...

Gorgeous! You did a great job. And I am always putting projects off. Not quite sure why but it does tend to be frustrating.

rachelmp said...

It looks great Toni! I'm looking forward to making one in the large size for Maya next year to match her school uniform.

Kelly said...

that looks fantastic I love the colours together.

Emily said...

I love this jacket!

Fiona Harding said...

Wow!!! It's utterly gorgeous.
You're a clever, clever chicken.
Well done :)

Anonymous said...

That look the colour combo, the pink is stunning! and the recipe monday page is awesome!!! Jacinta Bourke

Jacquie said...

I love it. The fabrics are wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I love it Toni.
It makes me 'think' happy.
As I am not a sewer, I have a theory about why you put off finishing your projects.
As a reader, if I love a book, I tend to slow down my reading because I don't want to finish it.
Maybe you don't want to finish it because the next project won't be as exciting.
Just a theory.
Love Auntie Lorraine.

Karen said...

I do the same thing - then whenI complete them I wish I had done it earlier!
I haven't made my big girl jackets yet - things keep creeping back up the list and bumping them down!

julia said...

It is adorable!! I love the fabric selection!

Dahara Dreaming said...

Yes! I do the exact same thing: clipping threads, sewing on hooks, buttons, sewing close a turning-out point... could take weeks, I tell you!

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