Sunday, 28 November 2010

.Meeting Jenny.

Earlier this week we were privileged to have a visit by Jenny Phillips.  Jenny is a top-selling LDS singer and song-write and produces beautiful inspirational music.  We have been awaiting her visit all year and were so excited when she and her husband Dan arrived from Salt Lake City, Utah on Wednesday.
Jenny and Dan have four children - including an 8 month old baby boy, so their visit was very short, which made us even more grateful that they had sacrificed a lot to come and perform for us.
Their trip was certainly a whirlwind, with one of our congregations putting on a special Thanksgiving Dinner for their first night, some sightseeing and lunch at the Raspberry Farm the next day and then a special fireside and musical performance that evening. 
I have always been a big fan of Jenny's music, but after hearing her in real life I am absolutely smitten.  Her voice was truly angelic and she shared some very special messages with us also.
Apart from being a talented musician, Jenny and Dan are both so easy going and down-to-earth.  It was great to have the opportunity to spend a few special days with them and hopefully the next time we get together is when we get to visit the USA!!


The Kings said...

oh wasn't she so lovely! What an amazing talent she has. I always loved her music, but now I love it even more.

Kate said...

That would have been wonderful meeting with such a talented artist. You lucky thing.

The Bartons said...

i love her!!!! so jealous! xx

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