Wednesday, 27 April 2011

.April Cool Shops! Cookies and Cream Crafts.

Welcome to the next Cool Shops edition - Cookies and Cream Craft...
Cookies and Cream Craft is your one-stop shop for sewing patterns, books, pre-cut fabrics, Cosmo threads and nifty gadgets.  Sandy, the lovely owner of Cookies and Cream Craft is full of energy and devotes a lot of time into her store.
Sandy sent me a few of her favourite gadgets for review.  I wasn't familiar with That Purple Thang and still haven't had a chance to use it to it's full capacity, but from what I've read online, sewers love them!  It can be used to push stuck fabric from under your needle (oh, I've injured myself many a time trying to do that with my finger!) as well as helping to create sharp corners and perfectly pressed seams.  It has a couple of little holes for you to thread a ribbon through and hang around your neck, but I'm wondering if it would work well to pull ribbon/cord/elastic through a casing instead of using a safety pin?
I'm sure you have seen the clever range of Clover Yo-Yo Makers before.  I have used them with great success. 
I have to admit, it has been awhile since I last mad a yo-yo, but sewed a few up this week...
And used one to decorate a simple headband for Lil.  Cute, huh?  (I made the headband from a strip of leftover fabric from my Coastal Breeze dress and just tied a knot at the base of her neck.)

Cookies and Cream Craft stocks a large range of Cosmo threads.  To make things even easier, you can purchase them individually, or in sets to go with some popular patterns sold in store.
I got stuck browsing through the book section - sooo many lovely reads to choose from!  As well as some very popular magazines, Australian Homespun and Vignette.

I said Sandy was a gadget girl...check out all of the clever goods she has in store.  I personally find the Sewline Fabric Glue Pen a lifesaver for small seams or times where pins get in the way, like inserting a zipper.
Cookies and Cream Craft also stocks a huge range of sewing patterns - check them out here.  And you're going to need some lovely fabric to use with all of those patterns, magazines, books and gadgets - pick up a hassle-free fat-quarter pack or jelly roll in the pre-cut fabric section!

Cookies and Cream Craft has just launched their Christmas Club 2011.  Each month you will receive a brand new pattern EXCLUSIVE to Cookies and Cream Craft by a fabulous Australian designer!  What a great opportunity to get you sewing and ready for Christmas instead of leaving everything until the last minute!

As a special for all Make It Perfect readers, you will receive 20% off any orders placed until the 30th May!
(Use code "COOL20" to redeem, offer valid from 27th April-30th May.  Excludes postage and handling.)

And if that isn't enough, when you spend $100 or more, and sign up for the Cookies and Cream Craft newsletter, you will receive a special gadget with your order!
(To receive this offer, please enter "Cool Gadget Newsletter" in the comments section at checkout. Offer valid 27th April – 30th May.)

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Simply Smitten said...

I've always wondered how people make those cute yo yos!! And I love her fabric bundles! :)

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