Friday, 22 April 2011

.Somthing Old.

{So good to hear lots of feedback on my last post.  It is so true that technology is slowly taking over our lives and nice to touch base and get back to basics every now and then.  I really do admire all of you Mum's who are employed outside of the home - whether it be full-time or part-time.  It must be tough only having limited time at home to fulfill the same "to-do" lists as work-at-home or stay-at-home Mums.  What ever you need to say sane and rejuvenate - do what you can to make it happen.  Happy Mum's and wives need time out too.}
A while ago, I started obsessing over old vintage wooden spools of thread.  They inspire me.  I love the wonder behind them...who did they belong to?  What have they sewn?  Where did they come from?  Like anything old, I'm sure they would have a great story to tell.

I envisioned a big vase full of them in my sewing room.  No, I wouldn't dare actually sew with them - what a waste!  Just to look at and inspire me... perhaps to get out every now and then and play with colour.

 I bought a few sets off ebay - they came from the UK, which was a treat in itself.  And I had a few lovely friends answer my plea via my Facebook page and send me more to add to the collection.  
And here you have it, my treasured wooden spool collection.  I started building towers to photograph this morning, then the kids got interested and I let them do the building while I did the snapping.  Love  it!  What are you obsessing over this weekend?  Besides chocolate, of course ;)


L!$@ said...

They look so fun! I wanna sew something now.

Unknown said...

Well talking about these old spools and the wonder behind them, I have this sewing machine, the very one i make all my creations on, and i bought it for $7 from a garage sale. It is super old and one of those really HEAVY guys with a case lid :) When I got it i was mystified to find all of the previous owners old reels of cotton and oil and needles and even the original footer diagrams in the little container attached. I just thought about it seeing your spools, mine are just the same, i actually use them when i sew the faces on my softies :)

Nancey said...

You should see about putting your vintage threads in a display case or something to walk by and admire them by. I've inherited a few wooden spools, and I'm always enamored with the vivid colors of thread, as well as the wood. Lovely photos.

Cara Tatnell said...

Great pics...who knew thread could look so yummy !
I inherited a heap of my nans old thread spools in a gorgeuous old "quality street chocolate" tin. Nan has passed away now and i love to use them every now and then and think of her and what she was sewing...xx

Anonymous said...

I have a few spools of cotton that belonged to my nana and boy how I cherish them :) my obesession at the moment is children love sorting and sifting through them, me I just like to admire them :)

Dream House Trish said...

I love them & your photos, they will look fantastic in a bog vase!!!

Melinda said...

Ooohhh, they are lovely. I do the same thing with vintage/antique items. I can't help but wonder where they came from, who touched them, the stories behind the item always enthrall me. So, I totally get your fascination with the thread! :)

Marie Grace said...

I have a collection of them as well. I keep mine in glass Mason jars near my work space:-)

Shannon said...

I was given my Great Grandmother's sewing box (filled with all her sewing treasures) as a wedding gift. It had many wooden spools with thread in it. I decided to use them, because I was sewing with the same thread she sewed with. It connected me to her and I could appreciate what I made even more, knowing she was in the work. I saved the spools and look at them daily. I don't regret using them at all, because I can hear her say, "Waste not, want not".

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