Saturday, 14 May 2011

.Tombily gets warm.

Wow!  Winter has really struck with some force this week.  Talk about cold old days and lots of snow on the mountains.  Lucky for us, our house was designed to be super warm without the use of too much heating, so we are always nice and toasty inside.  The problem is, we don't get rugged up enough when we leave the house because I don't realise how cold it actually is outside until we are in the thick of it!

It's been awhile since I last made a Downtown Boy jacket and was a nice change to sew something small.  Tommy is now nice and warm, ready for our winter outings.  

I made him a size 1 as he is still little (but turns 2 next month!) and there is plenty of growing room for winter and maybe even next year too.  My preferred insulation for making both Downtown Boy and Uptown Girl jackets is quilt wadding.  I do specify using Pellon on the pattern cover, which is fine, but lately I have been using quilt wadding and am really happy with the warmth and snuggliness it gives.  Plus, it feels a little less synthetic than Pellon.
The exterior jacket fabric is one of my favourite prints.  I've used a heap of it before and had to re-order for the jacket.  (The only place I could find it online was Duckcloth, but it looks like they've sold out now too!)  And yep, besides the scarlet door, it does match the front of the house.  Not intentional, but obviously showing my love for the charcoal, white, green combination!
I had intended to release this pattern in big sizes (6-10 years) for winter, so while I was in the right frame of mind I got to work yesterday and started nutting out the up-size.  Should only be a couple of weeks and I'll have it ready for anyone who is wanting to sew it for their big boy this winter!

Make It Perfect, Downtown Boy pattern
Jennifer Moore, Monaluna, Hip to Be Square in Steel
Robert Kaufman, Pure Organic Solids in Chartreuse


The Kings said...

It's so cute! I love how you have the green to match your wall and house number :)

The Bartons said...

very very cute!!! i know how cold is it!!! even in QLD its freezing!

Liam's Mummy said...

It looks great! Love the colours. I have the Downtown Boy pattern. I really must get onto making my boys jackets for winter.

May I ask what sort/brand of quilt wadding you use? Do you need to baste it?

Kaz said...

Hi...i for one would be interested in the supersize jacket :)

emjay1000 said...

So glad you posted this! I am just about to make this for Asha and I was thinking I'd make a size 2 but if Tommy is in a size 1 then I think Asha will get away with it too! What do you think?

Little Munchkins said...

I sometimes use quilt batting, and I also use fleece instead of pellon. I find it is still warm enough, and not as stiff as pellon is plus it is cheaper!

I will try to test this one as quickly as I can!

Jody Herbert said...

Looks great and lovely and warm. I'm looking forward to getting a copy of the pattern in the larger size so I can make one for each of my kids.

Live.Love.Sew said...

Toni, your jacket patterns {downtown boy and uptown girl} are gorgeous. I have both and love love love making them. They are so easy and look so smart! Love Tommy's jacket - the fabric is perfect!

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