Thursday, 2 June 2011

.The stash grows + interseted in being a Cool Shop?.

Oh dear, I have to confess the stash/shop is growing.  Remember just a few months ago I posted pics of my fabric cupboard?  Well, I'm happy/sad to say that there is no free space anymore.  Totally chock-a-block full.  I really need to start sewing more and buying less!
Which is really difficult when there are so many lovely ranges coming out over the next month or so.  My favourite at the moment is Joel Dewberry's "Aviary 2".  I love everything about Joel Dewberry and his cute wife, Laurie.  To make matters worse, he has just previewed his new range "Heirloom" at Quilt Market in Salt Lake City and it is really pretty...
I've just finished making a Versatile Wrap out of the mustard bird fabric...beautiful for winter.
I'm not much of a purple lover, but it seems to be growing on me and I love it mixed with aqua below.
 Also made a Wrap out of the black damask below:
When I was in Melbourne last week I popped into Textile Offcuts in Lilydale while I was waiting for Jaron to finish some work (thanks for the referral Karen!) I wish I had some specific projects in mind as I find it hard to purchase apparel fabric without a cause, but I did spot a bolt of houndstooth print fabric so bought a couple of meters for the stash :)
I love Carolyn Gavin's range, Spring Street and stocked up on a few of my favourite prints.
And then there's Sherbet Pips...I have to be honest, this range doesn't grab me like it does other people.  It's cute, but I'm just not sure what I'd do with it.  Didn't stop me though!  I know that in about 12 months when it is hard to buy I'll be wanting a bit, so got it while I could now!
On a side note...I'm working out my Cool Shop schedule for July/August - if you are interested in becoming a Cool Shop and advertising on my blog for free, read here for more information and send me an email!  toni (at) makeitperfect .


Posie Patchwork said...

I got the whole range too for personal use, i can't wait, they are stunningly pretty & will make gorgeous quilts too, love Posie

Melissa said...

Wow and to think that was just an addition to your "shop"!! Thats about the extent of my entire collection right there!!! Lucky you can justify buying it all! x

Theresa (Miss Charlotte) said...

I love Spring Street! Too bad my birthday has come and gone...I'll come up with a holiday yet, I will! My UN-birthday? Yes, that will do. Thanks for adding to my's one addiction i can justify! Cheers!

Tanyia said...

I don't have a shop but I am cool anyway darnnit! lol

I am working on making a few things with this line right now, I pulled out the aviary fabrics last night, can not wait!!!

renae said...

I love the aviary collection. making a throw for the couch at present!
a fabric offcut shop in lilydale? how did I not know this. I live 15 mins from there!

renae said...

I love the aviary collection. making a throw for the couch at present!
a fabric offcut shop in lilydale? how did I not know this. I live 15 mins from there!

Exquisite Accessories said...

ooh so loving the fabric Toni I might just have to get some & add to my ever growing pile my hubby so cannot wait for the shed to be built so I can set up in there hee Elaine x

Jo Guy said...

hi, I checked out the joel dewberry site and LOVE IT!!! do you know anywhere in australia I can get it??? I have checked a few of the usual websites but they don't carry his whole range.???

make it perfect said...

Jo Guy - have it!

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