Wednesday, 20 July 2011

.From Rob Ryan.

I was shopping with the kids a few weeks ago during school holidays when I spotted an enchanting ceramic vase in our travels.  I have been on the look out for unique items to decorate our home with...there are a few bare spots that I still need to fill but I want it to happen naturally, as I see bits and pieces that call out to me and slowly build a collection of beautiful things.

The vase...I fell in love.  It is big, a little quirky and features the artwork of Rob Ryan - an extremely talented paper cutter and print maker.  As much as I wanted to buy the vase then and there, it was a little pricey and I REALLY wanted it to come in red or green as I didn't think that blue really went with anything in our house.  So I ummed and aahed and decided to leave it for now.

After we got home I searched online for the vase and found it on sale at Lark (sale has finished now).  I couldn't help myself and popped it into my virtual shopping cart and made the purchase :)  

It has been sitting in our lounge room for a few days and makes me smile every time I look at it.  Sometimes a girl's just gotta have a little splurge!
 If you are not familiar with Rob Ryan, check out his website and some of his paper cuts below...most of these can be purchased on his Etsy store.


FoodMuster said...

Wow! What a gorgeous vase:) Thanks for sharing this as I would not have known about this artist otherwise, I love finding out about new crafty stuff:)

Anita said...

That's so weird. My SIL gave us four Rob Ryan plates for our 40th birthday last month. And my best friend has just bought a skirt kit that features his designed from Clothkits. I'd never heard of him before. Am loving this vase - too beautiful. Oh and don't we heart Lark

Crafty Mama said...

Love these!

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