Tuesday, 16 August 2011


It's been a little while since I last shared a Cool Shop! with you - but it's back again today and I know you will love it - welcome to Simple Shapes...
Simple Shapes is a gorgeous online store full of tasteful, unique and modern removable wall decals.  We have been looking at wall decals for quite some time...something to put on our long green entrance wall...but were having a hard time finding a design that was just right.  When I discovered Simple Shapes, we knew we had found a winner!
Simple Shapes vinyl wall decals are cut from high quality removable vinyl - so if you ever want to remove them, there will be no damage to the wall or paint.
They are so easy to apply, with very thorough instructions and helpful videos to watch, we had no trouble putting them up.
I actually stumbled across Simple Shapes one day and was taken by their chalkboard vinyl wall calendars.  I am a diary/calendar freak and love having everything written down and organised, however, I haven't had a calendar on the wall for a few years because I can't find something that I like.  Simple Shapes Chalkboard Decals are perfect!
I ordered the Weekly Planner Chalkboard Calendar and have been using it for a few weeks and it is amazing - even Jaron has been commenting that he is happy that he knows what is going on with everyone now!  I've been using the Chalk Ink Marker Pen with the calendar and it is much better than regular chalk - no dust, nice and bright and once it has dried, it can't be wiped off unless you use a damp cloth.
We also got a Blowing Leaves Tree decal to decorate our green wall.  Ever since moving into our house, I have wanted a statement on the wall - the green is a statement on it's own, but I wanted something a little more arty to pretty up the hallway a bit. 

We stuck with all white (you can choose from a heap of different colour combos) and love how it looks against the green.  This decal is HUGE - 4m long and 2.2m high, and it took Jaron and I almost 3 hours to put the whole thing up.  It was really easy to do though, I had visions of stuffing it up and ending up with a deformed tree, but everything was smooth sailing.  It could easily be done with one person, but faster and more fun with a friend :)
The one thing I was really worried about with the decals is that the kids would discover that they were just stuck to the wall and start picking them off over time, they vinyl is much thinner than I imagined though and is stuck on really well so I can't see them doing any damage.
And to top things off I asked Simple Shapes to custom make me a speech bubble that I can use as a "To Do" list on the wall behind my computer nook.
It's a little quirky and brightens up the space and is much more enticing to look at than a scrappy piece of paper!  Maybe I'll actually start crossing things off my list more often now!
Some other lovely decals from Simple Shapes...

Children's Growth Chart:
 Daily Dot Chalkboard:
 Weekly Planner Dry-Erase Calendar:
 3 Monkey Tree and Branch Vine:
 Tree with Forest Friends:
 Cherry Blossom Tree with Butterflies:
 Tree with Birds and Fawn:
 Cyclamen Flower Set:
And lucky you can get 10% off your order in the Simple Shapes Etsy store - the discount code to enter during checkout is PERFECT10

Important Simple Shapes Links:


The Kings said...

Oh I like the calendar one! Very cool!

Ziezo said...

So jealous! Great looking calendar an tree. . .

Auntie Pami said...

Perfect timing! I had a can of chalkboard paint in my cart. This is so much better! I love the trees.

Katy Cameron said...

Very cool, love the idea of the calenders and notice board type things. Wanders off eyeing up blank cream living room wall...

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