Sunday, 4 September 2011

.Dad is Fab.

Happy Fathers Day to everyone who is celebrating out there!  We had a splendid day here :)

I waited until Jaron had gone to bed last night and sneakily hung up this Fathers Day banner I had made for him...I think I have a new love - message banners!  Have seen a few popping up on Pinterest and think they are great.  Super easy to make too - I just used some sheets of 12x12 scrapbooking paper and drew the letters free-hand then cut them out.  I like the slightly wonky, unevenness of them.  Strung them together with some cotton twine and a big needle and used a bit of blutac to secure each end on top of the architrave.  Simple!  I'm looking forward to our next celebratory event so that I can make another...or perhaps I'll make one "just because" - no need for a special event!
During the week I asked the kids a heap of questions about Jaron and made their answers into a book - some of them were very cute/funny.  I wasn't intending to do it scrapbook style but when I was rummaging through my supplies I found an unused album so popped everything in it.  The intention is that we can add to the album each year - maybe something different next year...portraits of Dad or memorable stories?
Along with a few needed gifts (new shaver, squash racquet) Oscar chose a Nerf Gun - last year he gave Jaron some kid!  I have to admit that I have always been anti-guns in this house, but these look like fun and it has provided a full afternoon and evening of entertainment!  We have plans for a big family Nerf Gun war at Christmas now!  I'm still sticking with my no Wii, Playstation, video game rule though - would rather save a special gift like that for when the kids are much, much older and it will mean more to them.

Happy Fathers Day Jaron - you really are a FAB DAD!


L!$@ said...

Awesome banner Toni :D Nerf guns are a lot of fun! I love your tree on that wall. Really stands out :D

**nicke... said...

what a fun day!

Simone Triffitt said...

Now that banner looks like something I could do- no sewing!!

Hill Family said...

I really love and want the tree on your wall. Did you make it? Where can I get one?

Dianne said...

HI. Love your white tree wall decal, was wondering if you could tell me where I could find it online possibly? Thanks Dianne

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