Monday, 26 September 2011

.Floating Fairies Basic Tee.

These Basic Tees are becoming a little addictive!!  I made a new collection of them for the kids over the weekend...I just love how I can decide exactly what colours and prints I'm mixing and matching rather than being stuck with what is in the, my knit fabric stash is steadily growing and I really need to start using more of it up!!
Here's the first one - another long-sleeved version for Lil.  I left out the gathers in the sleeves for this one because I thought it was busy enough without them.  Light-weight long-sleeved tees are just right for the weather we are having lately, sunny days with a cool breeze...
I wasn't 100% sure about the Floating Fairies fabric...whether it was a bit to crazy or not, but love it now that it has been made up.

I'm still really enjoying this pattern - I managed to cut and sew 6 new tees for the kids in 1 day!  Beats dragging everyone to the shops and coming home with way more than I intended to...would rather spend that money on more fabric!!

Make It Perfect, Basic Tees pattern
Sydilla interlock, Floating Fairies in Lime
Stella knit in Pastel Pink


rachelmp said...

So sweet!

Crafty Mama said...

Gorgeous Toni, those colours really suit Lil!

CuriousJess said...

love it! I'm new to sewing but would love to make my kids clothes. Did you use a serger?

sdare29 said...

I will have to show these pics to my little girl. I bought this fairy fabric, and she wasn't so impressed. This is exectly what i need!
xoxx s

Melissaem said...

Love :) Can I please trouble you to ask where I can buy affordable stretch knit fabrics to make your pattern? I'm having so much trouble finding anything!

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